There was much talk about the NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball tournament expanding the field of play for next year’s post-season, and a decision has been made.

The wrong decision.

The NCAA decided to expand… by 3 teams.

That’s right, only 3 teams.

What a waste.

The NCAA had the opportunity make an already fun time of year a lot more entertaining to a much broader portion of the country. Expanding the field to 80 would’ve meant that the bottom 4 seeds in each of the four regions would’ve had to compete in a play-in game in order to get to the round of 64. Instead of wondering if the 15 seed had a chance to beat the 2 seed, you’d get to see two teams battle it out to become that 15 seed, and you’d know what kind of team was filling that spot. The same with the 14 seeds and 13 seeds. Now all you’ll get will be the 16 seeds, making it very unlikely that any of those 8 teams will make it to the round of 32.

The real reason for expanding the tournament is to get more teams involved who have the talent (both player and coach) to move deep into the tournament, providing fans with an underdog contender to cheer for, but because the newly added teams are fighting to be the ones to lose to the 1 seed in a given reason, it almost defeats the purpose.

In fact, if you’re going to expand the tournament by 4 teams, let those teams have play-in games against the 15 seeds. Every year there seems to be a 15 seed which defeats a 2 seed, so why not have the extra teams feel like they have a reason to want to win?