If you’re not familiar with NBA Jam, you’re either not from the United States, not a sports fan, you’re not old enough to be viewing GuysNation, or you’re likely not a video game fan (in which case I question why you clicked a link to read an article with “video games” in the title).

Aside from the sports purists who hate the arcade style which disregards various rules of a given sport, most people who played NBA Jam loved it, basketball fans or not.  That’s why I’m happy to not only note that the game is now available for the Nintendo Wii, but I can also bring you some of the details… courtesy of the guys over at Video Games Awesome.

The video you’ll find below has some details about the Boss Battle mode, which is new to NBA Jam in this incarnation.  If you want the regular game play, the guys at Video Games Awesome also did a video just for that, but I’m choosing not to include it on GuysNation for a couple reasons:

  • Gameplay and announcers remain the same from what I can remember from the classic
  • VGA folks get a little too involved in running down Kobe Bryant’s legal troubles from years past while openly admitting a serious lack of basketball knowledge

As for the Boss Battle mode?  Sit back, watch the video and get the information you need to know.