Because the deadline is here and the 2012 NBA FAs are figuring out where they are going, I’m going to give you the top free agents, their latest destinations and even places they would fit in if there’s not any spot set aside for them.  Now, you and I know that some Free Agents are as interesting as others.  So, I decided to grade the FAs and inform you according to how important they are: (A) MVPs/Mulitple All-Stars/Headliner, (B) All-Star/Starters/Key Players, (C) Solid Bench Players/Role Players/Contributors, (D) Player with Potential.  Here’s your list:
A Grade:
Ray Allen– (MIA)  Was there much doubt?  When all the other Boston All-Stars left the court early, was upset with losing and mourning the detatchment of The Big 3, Ray went to congratulate the Heat and share a smile.  At that point, I knew he wouldn’t come back and would fly South for the winter & spring.
Andrew Bynum– (LAL) The Buss Family loves him and wouldn’t even trade him for Dwight Howard…or would they?  LA picks up his option and should trade him, but honestly, he’ll probably be picking and rolling when the season starts.
Tim Duncan(SAS) Popp ain’t letting The Big Fundamental go anywhere.  He came into the League with San Antonio and will retire with them.  He will probably wear a suit and sit the bench there after his jersey-wearing days are over.
Kevin Garnett(BOS) Beantown was happy that they didn’t lose Ray-Ray & KG.  He signed a short-term max deal and will continue to be the heart & soul of the Celtics.  He’s still got game in him and will retire wearing green.
Roy Hibbert(IND) Portland made a run at Hibbert and tried to pull him away from Indy (and apparently a third unnamed team is trying to do the same), but Indy has said they will match any & every offer to keep the big man there.
Steve Nash(LAL) In a sign & trade deal, Nash leaves the desert for Hollywood.  Kobe finally has a top-tier PG to handle the ball and run the offense.  I think this will save some of Mamba’s energy and may prolong his career a little. Also, Nash running the pick & roll with Bynum & Gasol…maybe even Kobe will bring a new dimension to their offense and will make them a lot bettter.
Jason Terry(BOS) No one really saw this coming, but Danny Ainge is making sure that he reloads his weapons to have a chance of winning another title.  Is anyone giving them a chance besides C fans…no.  I like what’s he’s doing with the roster and the addition of Terry brings flexibility.  Ray was turning into a stand still shooter.  Terry can run the floor better, get to the rim, won’t settle on a jump shot if he can shot-fake and step in to make a bucket.  Big signing.
Deron Williams(BRK) It was move to Brooklyn or have a homecoming in TX…DWill looked at the options given to him and what both teams were going to do…Jay Z and the front office sold him on their vision and he took it.  He would’ve looked good in Dallas, but will open that new arena in NYC the right way.
B Grade:
Ryan Anderson(NOH) Anderson, the 2012 Most Improved Player, re-signed with the Magic so that he could be traded to New Orleans.  Not a bad move for a team that’s rebuilding, got two great draftees and is trying to hold on to up & coming Eric Gordon.  The Hornets will be better than last year & Anderson helps…I don’t know how much better, but better.
Gilbert Arenas(UNK) Agent 0…or 10 or whatever number he is now hasn’t signed with a team, but I think he can help some teams out coming off the bench playing the 1/2.  He helped Memphis last year for a couple of months and I think they should re-sign him.
D.J. Augustin(CHA) Augustin will be staying in Charlotte for a little while longer…whether he wants to or not.
Brandon Bass(BOS) He brought a lot to the Cs this last year and Boston rewarded Bass for that.  He brought more athleticism to the team than Big Baby brought and brings you 12/8 a game.  It keeps them deeper than most teams.
Nicholas Batum(MIN) He wanted to leave Portland and go to Minnesota…and he passes his physical, but what about mental tests?  I’m sure the T-wolves will be excited, but the only reason I can think of him wanting to be in the Arctic Circle is because of who else they signed recently (Roy).
Jerryd Bayless(MEM) He’s never lived up to his potential yet, but I think Memphis is a good fit for him.  He could’ve done worse.
Michael Beasley(PHX) The Suns are trying to load up with some solid role players…Beasley isn’t a star, but he’s a start.  I thought Beasley might try to go to LAL or some other big market-big name team, but this might help him make the next step.
Elton Brand(UNK) He still brings you double-double potential.  Philly is trying to get younger, but teams will go after him.  The Nets have showed interest, but he has stated that he wants to go to Dallas.  He’s 33 and still has a few good years in him.
Aaron Brooks(UNK) When he started his career in Houston, he really started coming out and was the Most Improved Player in his second year.  Phoenix decided not to pick up his offer, but I think he’d fit in good at Dallas (who has showed interest) or even Houston again.
Marcus Camby(NYK) He recently was signed and traded from Houston to NYC to reunite with the city that he helped take to the last Finals appearance they’ve had.  He brings a great back-up to Chandler & they don’t miss a beat on D.
Jamal Crawford(LAC) The Clipps were interested in Ray Allen, but were able to get someone younger and more versatile.  They’re doing everything they can to be the best team in LA…and Crawford will help.
Baron Davis(UNK) Baron’s time is up in NY.  He’s still a good back-up, when healthy and he’s from the West Coast…I’m thinking that Sacremento could possibly use him to back-up Isaiah Thomas.  If not, somebody will sign him.  He’s not done yet.
Carlos Delfino(UNK) He’s a sharp-shooter from the outside and I don’t think that Milwaukee will let him go.  If so, someone could use his dead-eye.
Boris Diaw(SAS) He rejuvenated his career in San Antonio…and he showed loyalty in staying.  I think they wanted him more than anybody else did anyway, but still…he didn’t bat an eye at anyone else.
Gorin Dragic(PHX) He just got a crazy deal to be the successor to Nash.  The Dragon is good and will bring excitement to the desert…plus, he’s 12 years younger than Nash.
Reggie Evans(BRK) Captn’ Caveman goes from West Coast to East Coast and will bring some great energy off the bench in the form of rebounding and defense.  I like that pick-up for Brooklyn.
Raymond Felton (UNK) He’s been linked to the Knicks (again) and Dallas has mentioned interest, but no one has really stepped up to be the taker for him.  He had a bad year in Portland, but who didn’t, right?  He is a good ballplayer and will find a role, most likely starting…somewhere.
Landry Fields(TOR) Whether he and Lin were really planning on using their passports to head North or he thought Nash was going there, but he decided to make his move and try to help turn this team around.  Good luck with your charity project.  Maybe playing with ‘Melo and Amare was really that bad.
Derek Fisher(UNK) No one knows if he’s going to retire, stick around with OKC, or waiting to see who calls, but Fish is still in good shape and brings insight that you don’t usually get from FA back-ups.
Alonzo Gee– (CLE) They got him from the NBDL and won’t let him go now.  He’s done good things for them.  Congrats on finding a home.
Eric Gordon(UNK) New Orleans wanted to keep him, Indy was interested, but Phoenix gave him the max deal.  Big time pick-up for the Desert Dwellers.  They needed to get him.
Danny Green(SAS) Very good college basketball player, but couldn’t find his place in the NBA at the beginning of his career.  He would be insane to want to leave San Antonio with how he has turned into a good starter, deadly outside shooter and a viable piece in the puzzle known as the Spurs.
Spencer Hawes(PHI) He was a big part of the 76ers success last year in the season & post-season.  They should keep him around and he’ll continue to get better and contribute in a big way to their growing success in the next few years.
J.J. Hickson(POR) Portland liked what Hickson brought, so they decided to keep him in the Pacific Northwest.
George Hill(IND) He made a name for himself in San Antonio when he took over the starting role over Tony Parker, was traded home to Indiana, and took the starting role from Darren Collison.  With his leadership and skills, Indiana has found Collison is expendable and has moved in a different direction.  Good for George and good for Indy.
Grant Hill(UNK) I think Grant will want to follow Nash to LA and I can’t see why LA wouldn’t want him to come play there for a couple years.  Miami and OKC have been interested also.  He’s in good shape for his age, he’s a smart ballplayer and is well-rounded…which is valuable these days.
Jordan Hill– (MIN) As well as he did last season, I expected the Lakers to re-sign him.  Minnesota is getting talented young guys to come in to build a winner.  He and KLove shouldn’t be letting to many rebounds go to the other team.
Kirk Hinrich(CHI) He’s heading back to Chi-town to fill in for DRose until he gets healthy.  He’s a good player off the bench too.
Josh Howard(UNK) Here’s a guy that can bring punch from the starting line-up or from off the bench.  He’s a good defender, a solid third scorer and many teams should start lining up to bring him on board.  I can see him going to a team like ORL, LAL, NYK, CHI or even back to DAL.  He will play with someone for little money, but they’ll get more than enough for their money.
Kris Humphries(BRK) It’s hard for me to take a guy seriously who was married to Kim for a second, but I can take his rebounding seriously now.  So did Brooklyn…that’s why they re-signed him.
Ersan Ilyasova(MIL) He was re-signed by the Bucks to a five year deal and that was a good idea.  Milwaukee has something there with him and could start making some noise in the East.
Antawn Jamison(CLE) If Cleveland is smart, they’ll keep the sharp-shooting veteran presence to help lead the young guys.  He’s versatile and if Cleveland doesn’t bring him back, then someone like DAL, CHA, MEM, NO or HOU will gladly snatch him up and have a formidible 3/4.
Dahntay Jones(DAL) He re-signed with Indy and then went to Dallas in a trade with Darrin Collison for Ian Mahinmi.
Chris Kaman(DAL) This is a great pick-up for Dallas.  They amnesty Haywood for excellent reasons, and bring in someone who is an underrated rebounder & defender.  I love this signing for the Mavs and will be looked at as a big signing later on in the year…unless Kaman gets injured (I hope I didn’t jinx him).
Jason Kidd(NYK) What a shocking change of events…or time zones for that matter.  I figured that JKidd would retire in Dallas…not gonna happen.  He’ll be a great voice and leader in NYC and ‘Melo will let him have the ball & listen to him out of respect.
Carl Landry(UNK) I’m surprised that no one has swept him up.  He’s a blue-collar double-double guy and someone like SAC, CHA, POR, CHI, DAL, MIN, UTA or WAS will get great production out of someone that nobody is running after.
Courtney Lee(UNK) Boston wants him badly, he would be a great fit there and make them deeper, but CHI wants him also.  He’ll land somewhere and make big contributions.
Rashard Lewis(MIA) Lewis has been forgotten about since he left Orlando.  He is a dead-eye three point shooter and no team can guard the Heat with Lebron running the pick & roll with Bosh at the key with Lewis, Ray-Ray & anyone else outside.  They’ll crush teams.  He’s also automatic from the line.  Maybe the best “under the radar” signing of the off-season.
Jeremy Lin(NYK) The Knicks will match whatever astronomical offer that any other team has brought to the table, Lin will stay, he’ll blossom more and more, and finally turn into a good NBA PG.
Brook Lopez(BRK) Brook will re-sign with Brooklyn and be traded to Orlando, LA or Houston.  Dwight wants to only be in a Nets uni and it doesn’t matter who does what.  At some point, Lopez is the trading and will be out of there.  It’s stupid because Dwight brings more drama than Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Lohan & Paris, but Orlando just wants to quit hearing about it.  I’d trade him to Siberia, put my feet back on the desk, smoke a cigar and smile. #soapbox
Robin Lopez(PHX) Robin recieved a qualifying offer from the Suns and will stay in the desert.  Good call.  He’s not as good offensively as his brother, but he’s better defensively.
Ian Mahinmi(IND) He re-signed with Dallas only to get traded to Indy for Darrin Collison & Dahntay Jones.
O.J. Mayo(UNK) This is one of the most baffling unsigned FAs in the mix.  This guy can play 1 or 2, can defend, is a good outside shooter and will be a good starter or 6th man.  People like IND, CHI, CHA, ATL, SAC, POR, MIN, NO, GS or DET should be lining up.  Get in line!
JaVale McGee(DEN) Denver got rid of Nene for this guy and he stepped up in the playoffs.  The Nuggets keep him around.
Tracy McGrady(UNK) TMc might be 33 and playing a little older, but he’s still a guy that can bring some scoring punch off the bench.  WAS, POR, SAC, GS, PHX, CHA, CLE & even NYK should be looking at him as an option.  He is versatile and good off the bench.
Andre Miller(DEN) The Nuggets like Miller and he likes Denver.  He’s staying.
Jameer Nelson(ORL) He’s re-signed with Orlando, but he might still get shipped somewhere.  I don’t know if he wants to stay…but then again, if Dwight moves he might be cool with staying.
Steve Novak(NYK) The Knicks re-signed “one of the best shooters in the universe” according to Colin Cowherd.  He’s not that athletic, not a great rebounder, but he can net some 3s.
Joel Przybilla(UNK) He’s a good defender/rebounder.  Plenty of teams need that; whether in the starting line-up or off the bench.  I’m sure CHA, NO, LAC, SAC or MIA would be interested in a guy like him…even if he is a little injury-prone.
Michael Redd(UNK) How has someone not picked up Michael Redd.  He’s not a slasher, but he can shoot from anywhere on the floor.  He’s always reminded me of a left-handed Ray Allen.  OKC, LAC, MEM, CHA, WAS, POR, HOU & NO could all use him.
Nate Robinson(UNK) Nate brings excitement, a good back-up PG & good outside shooting to whatever team he’s on.  I think he makes a nice fit in POR, SAC, GS, BRK, ORL or NO.
Brandon Roy(MIN) I’m shocked to see this happen.  Out of all of the locations that Roy could’ve gone, MIN was never a team that I expected.  They are trying to build a winner somehow up North.  If this project works out, it could be a nice turn-around for them.
Brandon Rush(UNK) Rush could be a very solid bench player, but I’ve never thought that he put everything into his craft.  He could be a decent scorer and a good defender, but doesn’t work as hard as he should…but that’s my opinion.  I still think some teams can use him and in the right place, he might turn it around and be a good contributer.  Maybe a place like POR, UTA, DET, MEM, GS, ORL, NO or TOR.
Ramon Sessions(UNK) He has been linked to Dallas, but it is still unclear on where he’ll land.  He’s pretty good, but has gotten a bad rap for being the Lakers’ PG last year.  Everybody wants to talk about he was horrible, but I don’t think it’s him.  I think that was a bad fit.  He’ll be a good player somewhere.
J.R. Smith(NYK) He and the Knicks agreed to a deal and he’ll stick around NYC with his boy ‘Melo.
Marreese Speights(MEM) He brought a good energy and filled in very nicely for Zebo when he was injured and was great off the bench.  Great re-sign.
DeShawn Stevenson(ATL) I hope that ATM machine is light, because DeShawn has to move that to ATL after the sign & trade with Brooklyn.  Atlanta is looking for some outside shooting and he can hit some.  Not a bad addition…barring he leaves the gun in NYC.
Jason Thompson(SAC) Thompson re-signed with the Kings, who is a good rebounder, solid defender and isn’t a star, but could be a good back-up to TRob.
Gerald Wallace(BRK) A great re-signing by the Nets.  I love what Wallace brings to a team.
Chris Wilcox(BOS) I love the fact that Wilcox is coming back to the Cs after having heart surgery.  If he can come back to play like he’s capable of, he can be a great for Boston.
Lou Williams(ATL) Excellent shooter/scorer and is a good signing to take Joe Johnson’s place in ATL.  Great signing!
Mo Williams(UTA) He never came up big in Cleveland where all eyes were on him to be the second scoring option, he fit in nicely in LAC and I think will do good in Utah.
Nick Young(PHI) I love Swaggy P and Philly has got to be happy signing him in losing LouWill.  He can play the 2/3, shoot from deep, drive, he’s got confidence and then some and can guard a little.  Great pick-up for the young, up & coming 76ers.
    I was going to go with the C Grade players, but I don’t know that anyone cares enough about them.  I hope this is informative for you and we’ll see how things play out in the next few weeks.