Sorry, this is a little late, but it’s better that I have waited a little bit and thought about how I…me personally, should grade this draft.  I’ve listened to what Jeff Van Gundy, Jay Bilas, Chris Broussard, Fran Frachilla, Dick Vitalle and other people have said about these players, but I see some things differently.  Are they paid to give their opinion…yes.  Am I…no.  Are they professionals…yes.  Am I…in my mind.  I have a pretty decent track record on guys that have made it or flopped in the League.  So, here’s what I think about the 2012 NBA Draft: the players selected and teams that picked them.

    My grading will be based on what the team’s needs are, who they have selected for those needs, how that player can help/hurt that team, where that player was selected & who else was available, the potential of that player and finally, the overall grade of the draft as a whole for that team.  I have not graded any foreign players because I don’t watch EURO basketball and probably never will (sorry Fran).  To those guys, I will give a grade of UNK, for unknown.  I know there’s a lot that goes into my grading, but that’s how I think.  So, boys & girls get quiet, class is now in session.
1.  Atlanta Hawks
#23  John Jenkins– He might be the best overall shooter in this draft.  He can light it up from the outside.  His range in college started when he got off the bus.  Some have compared his game to Ray Allen…that’s a bold statement and I won’t say that.  I will say that he should have a long career,though.  When you can shoot like this, there is always a need for you.  I thought they should have gone after a big to move Horford to the 4 & Smith to the 3, but I can’t argue this pick. (A-)
#43  Mike Scott– This post can score.  Virginia wasn’t a fun team to watch this year.  They’re very methodical, slow & deliberate…and very effective.  This guy did the majority of the scoring for them and could put some points up.  A good pick this low in the draft, despite the fact that he has bad knees.  Who doesn’t anymore, though, right?  He could be a help as another low post scorer and he’s a sleeper. (B)
Overall grade: B+
2.  Boston Celtics
#21  Jared Sullinger– This guy had a bad break with his back and all, but I think it all paid off in the end…for both team and player.  Sullinger’s stock drops and he heads to one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.  It also helps out that Boston wasn’t sure if KG was coming back (which he is-3yrs/$34 mil).  They drafted a guy that produced greatly in Columbus and should be a wonderful player for them for the next few years.  Only Jerry Lucas and Michael Redd scored more points in their first two years at Ohio St than Sullinger.  I don’t think he cares that his stock dropped, he gets presented a treat with going to Boston. Because everything is still unsure about his health, I can’t give him an A.  (B+)
#22  Fab Melo– He’s a project offensively, he hasn’t played to his potential in college, but Boston needs someone to protect the paint and he’s perfect.  Everything has played out perfectly for Boston.  They got two players they needed and they re-signed KG.  I’m a firm believer that KG and Doc can get the most out of the people that play there.  KG will get Melo to play harder and better than anyone has ever seen him.  If KG gets to play with these two guys for three years, it will transform them and they could have fruitful careers.  I love the pick of Melo. (A-)
Overall grade: A-
3.  Brooklyn Nets
#41  Tyshawn Taylor– They got Taylor in a trade, but what a great idea.  I have downplayed this guy his whole career and never thought he was that good…until I watch him play and am reminded that he’s a lot better than what I thought.  That was college, though.  I think Taylor is very athletic and could bring a good back-up to Brooklyn for DWill or whoever is the starter.  Taylor can shoot from the outside a little, he’s deceptively quick, can guard well and will be a good contributor.  I see him as Chris Duhon, only better.  And at 41, he was a great pick-up.  (B)
#57  Ilkan Karaman– He’s from Turkey…that’s all I know. (UNK)
Overall grade:B
4.  Charlotte Bobcats
#2  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist– I was shocked at this pick.  They had a chance to get the best scorer in the draft with Bradley Beal.  They had a chance to get the next best overall player in Harrison Barnes.  What they did is draft who MJ wanted.  Charlotte can’t score, they’re bad at every position and they traded away they’re SF for a shooting threat in Ben Gordon.  What MJ sees in MKG is someone who has the motor to play hard all game long and the drive to continue to get better.  He comes up big in big games.  He plays extremely hard on defense and will push him teammates to be better.  What MJ sees is a player very similar to himself.  Charlotte needs to get better quickly, but there isn’t one player in this draft that will help them win now.  So, I don’t hate this pick because MKG will become very good.  They just need more players.  (A-)
#31  Jeffery Taylor– This one surprised me too.  Maybe MJ didn’t want to load up on KY players, but I was sure he’d get Doron Lamb here as a good overall player.  What he got is one of the better athletes in the draft with Taylor.  He’s a decent shooter, but he can also lock down on defense.  If he keeps working on his offense, he’ll be a good contributor.  I think what MJ saw this last year was his team quitting.  They had no heart to push through.  So, he drafted two guys that play with heart and determination who will try to get better and push their teammates to get better.  Everyone else hated on Charlotte’s draft, I’m not.  They have heart issues and have started to pave the path to fixing that.  (B)
Overall grade: B+
5.  Chicago Bulls
#29  Marquis Teague– With DRose being injured and needing a good back-up with some skill, I think this was a pretty good pick.  Teague won’t be an immediate big impact, but after he’s around a little while and he gets his bearings, he has the potential to be a good PG.  In fact, in late game situations, you can have Teague and Rose out there together and it will be hard for teams to guard both of them closely.  Not a bad pick.  (B)
Overall grade: B
6.  Cleveland Cavaliers
#4  Dion Waiters-This was the biggest shock of the night! I just knew that Harrison Barnes was going to Cleveland to play with Kyrie… I had to put the crank into my ear and roll my jaw back up.  Waiters?  He’s a boom or bust pick.  He could be one of the guys that we’re talking about in a few years like James Harden, but I don’t see him turning into Harden.  Cleveland wants to use him as a SG and back-up PG.  I don’t know that using him as the second option is best.  I say that and it could work out to perfection.  What I believe his role to be is not one that you’d spend a #4 pick on.  I think they were trying to make a splash in the draft and they did…belly flop.  (C)
#17  Tyler Zeller- I actually thought this was a great move by Cleveland.  Zeller is definitely a better scorer than defender, but he can guard in the post.  He’s not a big-time shot blocker like his former teammate John Henson, but he can defend and he’s great in the pick & roll.  I don’t know how much upside he has, but he won’t be bad.  Great trade for Cleveland.  (B+)
#33  Bernard James– The Cavs redeemed themselves a little with this pick.  Everyone will love cheering for James, a vet of the Air Force who served two tours of duty overseas.  He came home and played at Florida St.  For what he doesn’t have on the offensive side, he makes up for on the defensive side.  He’s actually the polar opposite of Zeller, except that both are athletic.  Now, they can use a four man rotation of Anderson Varajao, Tristan Thompson, Zeller & James for a good combo of scoring and defense for whenever they need it.  I liked this guy in college and think that even at 27 years old, he has some good NBA years in him.  (B-)
Overall grade: C+
7.  Dallas Mavericks
#24  Jared Cunningham– Because no one could find Oregon St on TV nationally, I don’t know a lot about Cunningham except that he can score.  I knew that the whole time.  I’m not sure how good of a defender he is, I know that he can handle the ball pretty well and that he can score…did I mention that he can score?  Because Dallas usually drafts pretty well, I’m going to trust them on this because they did pass on PJ3, Teague & Lamb.  (C+)
#34  Jae Crowder– All I can say is, this kid plays ball harder than anyone I’ve seen in college basketball.  I’m not a Marquette fan, but I’m an enormous Jae Crowder fan.  Again, coming from a coach’s perspective, if you have a guy on your team that will play this hard all game long, you love your chances.  Buzz has those kids, and this kid especially, playing like a gun is to their momma’s head for 40 mins.  Crowder’s not a great shooter, but he’s good at a lot of things.  He’s not real big, either, but has always played bigger.  I don’t know what he can bring to the Mavs, but if this kid works as hard off the floor as he does on…he’ll be a star.  (B)
#55  Darius Johnson-Odom– Dallas got high-octane players in the second round.  DJO isn’t a great shooter either, like his running mate Crowder, but he’s good and he plays all out for 40 mins.  I liked the pick because he can defend and will bring energy off the bench.  I just don’t know how valuable he will be.  A good pick this late though.  (B-)
Overall grade: B
8.  Denver Nuggets
#20  Evan Fournier– Again, I’m not a EURO League junkie, but I did hear a lot of good things about this kid.  He can drain the 3 and play a hybrid 1/2.  Denver brings in more good players that aren’t superstars.  (UNK)
#38  Quincy Miller– This kid still has a lot of growing in his game and physique.  He could be a long 3/stretch 4 and could be a good player in the future for Denver.  The good thing is that he will be playing behind Gallinari and Faried for a while, so he won’t be rushed.  I like this pick by Denver.  (C+)
#50  Izzet Turkeyilmaz– With a name like that, I hope he comes from the Turkish League.  No idea.  (UNK)
Overall grade:C+
9.  Detroit Pistons
#9  Andre Drummond– I didn’t like him going 6 to Portland, but I did like 9 to Detroit with Greg Monroe.  I think the bad big-man karma in Portland would’ve ruined him for a while, but Detroit will get a good player and Lawrence Frank has had some success with big men like him in the past (Kenyon Martin).  He’s young and mentally has a long way to go to be a great player in the NBA, but his potential is one of the highest in this draft right next to Anthony Davis’.  If they take it slow with him and work on the little things first and not worry about a lot offensive skills right now, he’ll be fine.  Just teach, teach, teach and they’ll have a Defensive Player of the Year on their hands soon enough.  (A-)
#39  Khris Middleton– Talk about having some bad luck.  From being injured this last year in college, to having your coach go through health problems, but this is a fine player.  Middleton can bring more offense to this team if given the chance.  Had he not gone through all of the bad luck last year, he could’ve been a teen/low 20’s pick this year.  I think Detroit got a steal.  (B)
#44  Kim English– I LOVE me some Kim English!!  He came to Mizzou (via Baltimore) as a sharp-shooting 2 guard.  He graduated, a sharper-shooting 4.  Only because of injuries and transfers did Kim have to do that, but he told new coach Frank Haith that he wanted to win and do whatever it took to win…so he’d play the 4.  Let me tell you, that’s not an easy task in the Big 12, but at wirey 6’6″ English guarded bigs in the post, while torching them on the other end with lay-ups or 3 pt shots.  He’s a charge-taking machine and one of the smartest players in college basketball.  He was the MOP at the Big 12 tournament and will be a great player for Detroit.  Excellent selection.  (B+)
Overall grade: B+
10.  Golden State Warriors
#7  Harrison Barnes– Talk about a lucky break.  The biggest glaring need for GS was a SF…they got that and then some with Barnes.  He is the steal of the draft!  With the line-up that they have now and adding their draft picks, especially this one, if they stay healthy, they will make the playoffs.  When it’s all said and done, he could end up being the best player in this draft.  (A+)
#30  Festus Ezeli– One of the biggest reasons for having the draft is to find players where you’re team is weak.  With Andrew Bogut being injury prone, GS met that need with Ezeli.  He’s not good offensively like Bogut, but he is a paint filler and will help them win games with his defense and rebounding.  I think they got exactly what they needed with this pick and got the best player available for that need.  (B+)
#35  Draymond Green– The Warriors may have had the best draft out of anybody.  They fulfilled their needs and got good players for those areas.  Green is another one of those guys.  He will be able to play behind David Lee and bring energy, rebounding and offensive range to that team.  He’s a smart guy, having played for Michigan St, and is not selfish.  Excellent pick-up.  (A-)
Overall grade: A
11.  Houston Rockets
#12  Jeremy Lamb– Lamb has a lot of potential, but I don’t know if Houston’s offense is right for him.  Plus, I don’t know what they’re going to do.  Are they keeping Lamb or trading him?  Are they trading Kevin Martin or Kyle Lowry?  Are they going to get Dwight?  Who knows…on potential and results alone, though, this was a good pick for them.  (B+)
#16  Royce White– Here is another guy who was one of my favorite players to watch in college basketball.  A guy his size playing point forward for Iowa St.  He’s smart & tough, but I don’t like the fit in Houston.  They have some other needs and didn’t like him for them.  I did think it was ironic that a guy who is afraid to fly was picked by the Rockets (credit to Mike Hill-ESPN).  If White can overcome his anxiety and find his role, he will be a force in the League.  (B)
#18  Terrence Jones– I did actually like this pick for Houston.  Jones could play 3/4 and he’s also a good trading chip if they’re wanting to do something else.  He never blew up at Kentucky, but he contributed and I think he could be better in the NBA than in college.  Good choice here.  (B)
Overall grade: B-
12.  Indiana Pacers
#26  Miles Plumlee– REALLY?  Really?  There are good players available and you take him?  I will give him the fact that he’s very athletic for a big man, he can block shots and board, but the only offense he ever brought was tip-in’s, alley-oops & put backs.  He can’t even hit free throws.  He’s not great…he’s not even really good.  There were maybe five guys I would’ve take before him.  Quincy Acy was a great idea here and he didn’t go til 37…not Plumlee.  Horrible pick Donnie!!  (F)
#36  Orlando Johnson– I’ve heard of this guy, but not much.  UC Santa Barbara wasn’t banging down the doors at ESPN for air time because they’re team was “can’t miss.”  There were three players taken after him that I would’ve taken before him.  You got Reggie Miller right a long time ago Donnie, you better be right again.  Now, I’ll probably be wrong about him…but I doubt it.  (D)
Overall grade: F
13.  Los Angeles Clippers
#53  Furkan Aldemir–  Another Turkish player…all I know is, he was projected to go higher in some other mock drafts.  Since I don’t know anything about him…”let’s go to Fran for this one.”  (UNK)
Overall grade: UNK
14.  Los Angeles Lakers
#60  Robert Sacre– Not a bad college player, but I thought there were about three other guys that would fit their system better like Kevin Jones, for instance.  But what do I know, I’m not the guy who still has the best up & coming team in the league like Buss doe…oh wait.  (C)
Overall grade: C
15.  Memphis Grizzlies
#25  Tony Wroten Jr.- I really liked this pick when it was made…I hated what the reality was afterward though.  I like OJ Mayo and what he has brought to “The Grindhouse” but knew that he was on his way out with this pick.  Wroten can back up Conley or Allen now.  He’s not a great shooter, but he has good court vision and knows how to play.  There has been talk of trading Rudy Gay for Andre Iguodala too…and I hope that happens.  Just saying.  (B)
Overall grade: B
16.  Miami Heat
#45  Justin Hamilton– This was a trade with Philly.  Hamilton is a big guy from LSU.  Pretty good on defense, good rebounder and can finish around the rim alright.  Bigger picture, what this did was lower the price for Miami to have to spend in the draft.  They probably won’t even keep this guy, but if he turns out to be good then it’s win-win.  Pretty good strategy and for that…  (B-)
Overall grade:B-
17.  Milwaukee Bucks
#14  John Henson– With the past draft history for the Bucks, I just figured that they were going to screw this up…they didn’t.  I was quite surprised and they made a good solid pick.  Henson isn’t an offensive dynamo, but he is a very good defensive player and has some offensive skills.  I think they took care of a need with this pick and didn’t pass on anybody that was obviously better.  (B+)
#42  Doron Lamb– I love this pick for them.  I think Lamb should’ve gone a lot earlier and will have teams wishing they would’ve drafted him when they had the chance.  Lamb is a very good shooter, can penetrate and get to the rack, he can play some D and he is that hybrid 1/2.  I think they have to be ecstatic with this pick and kudos for not passing on him.  (B+)
Overall grade: B+
18.  Minnesota Timberwolves
#58  Robbie Hummel– And you thought Khris Middleton had bad luck…Robbie Hummel has had serious knee injuries to both of his knees.  He was one of the best players in college basketball three years ago and had his first injury.  He’s about 6’8″, he can shoot from the outside, plays good D, very intelligent and is risk worth taking, especially at 58.  When I saw that pick, I was excited for Hummel and the T-Wolves.  (B+)
Overall grade: B+
19.  New Orleans Hornets
#1  Anthony Davis– He is the third player to ever win a National Championship, win Player of the Year, be drafted #1 and win the Finals… just kidding (about the last part).  Everybody thinks this kid is going to be the next version of Bill Russell or someone great like that.  That’s a bold prediction…but I think they’re on track.  He’s going to be great.  He has the drive, the attitude, the athleticism and once he gets the body and offensive skills, he’ll be amazing.  Until then…he’s really freaking good.  (A+)
#10  Austin Rivers– I thought that Toronto would get him initially, but he fell to the place that he wanted to go and I think he’s going to be really good too.  He has the confidence, the will, and genetics to be a very good ball player.  He needs to work on his ball handling and decision making to be a well-rounded player and this could be a good team very soon.  Eric Gordon wanted out of The Big Easy a few months ago, with these two coming to NO…I’d retract that statement EG.  (A)
#46  Darius Miller– The Hornets could’ve gone with some other choices/chances, but they went with a guy that’s underrated.  Miller could be a good pro for ten years coming off the bench playing D and shooting from 3.  No one talks about him, but he’s got a good head on his shoulders, he’s works hard and does the little things well.  Another great pick.  (B+)
Overall grade: A
20.  New York Knicks
#48  Kostas Papanikolaou– I don’t know anything about this Grecian except he shares the same name with a PT I know…if he’s as good at basketball as this guy is at physical therapy and sports injuries…the Knicks will be happy.  (UNK)
Overall grade: UNK
21.  Oklahoma City Thunder
#28  Perry Jones III– This was probably the other biggest steal.  I don’t know how PJ3 fell this much, but he could make the Thunder so much better and well-rounded.  If OKC can’t re-sign Ibaka, PJ3 will bring a better shooter, scorer, ball-handler and higher basktball IQ.  He will be a downgrade slightly on defense because he doesn’t have the shotblocking, but he’s a better guarding big than Ibaka.  He will be very valuable.  He’s a smart player, with a ton of athleticism, but lacks heart sometimes.  I think this is just what he needs.  Great pick.  (A-)
Overall grade: A-
22.  Orlando Magic
#19  Andrew Nicholson–  I didn’t expect Nicholson to be there for Orlando, but they needed a big man and got the most unheralded one in the draft.  He has good skills on both ends of the court, can rebound and block shots and had good numbers last year, even though he was double-teamed all the time.  I think he’ll be a good player for the Magic.  They should be very happy with him.  (A-)
#49  Kyle O’Quinn– At least they know how to read between the lines.  With Dwight wanting out and not sure who or how much they can get for him, they stocked up in the post.  Kyle O’Quinn is known for rebounding and hustle.  He’s a high energy guy and will be a welcome site after the debacle that’s been going on in the Magic Kingdom the last couple years.  (B+)
Overall grade: A-
23.  Philadelphia 76ers
#15  Mo Harkless– Just like Golden St had a glaring need at the 3 spot, Philly needed to find someone who could defend guys like Lebron, Carmelo & Pierce…they got a hard-nosed, tough, strong 6’8″ SF in Harkless.  He can score and will need to get better offensively, but he was such a need defensively and now can help Philly start to make that move to the next level.  Great pick.  (A)
#27  Arnett Moultrie– Picking Moultrie up in a trade with Miami, Philly got another big so that they can amnesty Elton Brand, cut some salary, get younger and improve all-around.  Moultrie has some raw skills and is pretty good, but still has some things to learn.  He’s not bad defensively, but could be better.  No matter what, I still like what they’re doing in their franchise.  (B)
#54  Tornike Shengelia– He’s a SF from Georgia…not that Georgia, the far off Georgia.  Don’t know him or about him.  (UNK)
Overall grade: A-
24.  Phoenix Suns
#13  Kendall Marshall– Phoenix likes those cerebral guys that can pass and make good decisions.  One (Steve Nash) is probably on his way out, so they had to go get another one that might be able to take his place in the future.  Marshall doesn’t have a lot of physical mind-blowing attributes, but his basketball IQ is off the charts.  If he can get quicker and improve his shot, he will have a good career.  (B)
Overall grade: B
25.  Portland Trailblazers
#6  Damian Lillard– This kid can score, pass, play D, drive the bus, fly the plane and cook the food…now let’s hope he can do that in THIS league.  He came from Mid-Major Weber St where he put up gaudy numbers, but many wonder how he would do against tougher opposition.  All I can say is, Insiders said he looked great against all of the other rookies and that’s why Portland didn’t want to pass on him.  I think they need a guy like him…especially since they’re going to lose either Ray Felton, Jamal Crawford or both.  He’s going to have to grow up and grow up quickly.  (A-)
#11  Meyers Leonard– Portland wants someone to fill the lane on D and get out of LaMarcus Aldridge’s way on the offensive side…they got that in Leonard.  He’s not very skilled offensively, but he’s 7’1″, raw, and can board.  He’s not a shot blocker, he doesn’t have a high basketball IQ, he’s not quick, but he’s got a pretty good body.  He’s definitely a project…and at 11, I don’t know if it was the right choice.  (C+)
#40  Will Barton– This Memphis guard is very athletic and has some 1/2 guard skills.  He’s not as good as Eliot Williams, but similar in skill-set.  He’s still a little raw, but could be a nice piece coming off the bench for them.  (B-)
Overall grade:B-
26.  Sacramento Kings
#5  Thomas Robinson– This is a wonderful pick for them.  At worst, he’ll be a double-double garbage man in the league for the next decade…I think he wants to be more and can do it.  He’s got a great NBA 4 body, he’s good on pick & rolls, he’s solid defensively, he’s an excellent rebounder, works hard, has a great attitude and if he improves his offense, could be a star.  Jason Thompson hasn’t become what they hoped he would…Thomas Robinson will.  (A-)
Overall grade: A-
27.  San Antonio Spurs
#59  Marcus Denmon– Another player that was good in college…and another pick that San Antonio will be glad they got late in the draft.  Denmon is about 6’5″, he can handle the ball, he’s deceptively quick, very athletic, great defender, can shoot, took over games in college, but will defer if need be.  He has a great attitude and Pop will love having this guy on his team.  Great late draft pick.  (B+)
Overall grade: B+
28.  Toronto Raptors
#8  Terrence Ross– Here’s a guy that can shoot, score, shoot some more, play some D, score some more and do it from the 2/3 spot.  I figured the Raptors would go with a PG here and get Rivers…instead, they want to spend money on getting Steve Nash to come back home to Canada and are trying to give him some weapons to pass to.  Ross is a good weapon and with DeRozan will be a good wing to stretch the floor to give whoever is PG some room to work.  (B+)
#37  Quincy Acy– Excellent second round pick.  This guy is a double-double machine who has a great motor and plenty of athleticism.  In fact, he’s the one that impressed me the most whenever I watched Baylor play this year.  I would catch myself watching him work defensively to get position (& get the right position), to block out for a board, to come across from the weak-side to get a block or redirect a shot.  Then on offense, he could hit the mid-range jumper, get offensive boards and ran the pick & roll well.  Great pick up for Toronto.  This guy is a more skilled Reggie Evans.  (B+)
#56  Tomislav Zubcic–  He’s a PF from Croatia…nuff said.  (UNK)
Overall grade: B+
29.  Utah Jazz
#47  Kevin Murphy– This kid could light up the scoreboard.  He’s quick, he can shoot and he’s a good gamble this late in the draft.  Utah needs some more scoring from the guard spot and he should be a good one coming off the bench to do just that.  (B)
Overall grade: B
30.  Washington Wizards
#3  Bradley Beal–  You know how it was when you were a kid at Christmas and you wanted a Nintendo, Super Nintendo or Sega and you’re looking at the presents and you see one that has the shape of what you think one of those is.  And you can’t wait to see if that’s it.  So, when it’s time to open your presents and you get to that one, you rip the paper off and see that it’s a set of cars that you liked.  You’re disappointed…even though you liked the cars, you desperately wanted…nay, needed the game system.  So, you’re looking around at what you got and you’re pretty happy, but still disappointed and then…your parents come out of the back room and say, “There’s one more present left for you.”  And you see it…you know that’s it.  You grab the package, rip off the paper and there it is…the game system that you so desperately needed.  That’s kind of how it was with Washington.  They had some toys they liked, there were some players they liked, but they desperately needed a SG to go along with John Wall.  When Charlotte took MKG with the #2 pick, that’s when their parents came out of the backroom saying, “There’s one more present for you.”  The Wizards front office didn’t take any time at all to choose Beal.  They ripped him up quick before any other team had a chance to call and ask for a trade.  What they got was a sharp-shooting guard, that plays hard, rebounds, defends…he does it all.  And it’s exactly what they needed.  (A)
#32  Tomas Satoransky–  This guy is a 1/2 hybrid from the Czech Republic that won’t be in DC for another year or so.  Who cares, they got who they really wanted.  (UNK)
Overall grade: A
    There you have it, the grades for every draft pick and team in the draft.  You may agree and you may disagree…I just hope you don’t keep this and email it to me in three years with half of my grades and predictions wrong.