Whether you’re a fan of the Naval Academy Midshipmen football team or not, you have to admit that their ‘Summer Whites’ uniform is kinda cool.

If at first glance the Under Armor uniform which the Midshipmen will wear during their home opener against Ohio State don’t impress you, then you’re not seeing the details. Sure, they’re meant to look similar to the Navy Ceremonial Dress Whites, which they do, but it goes much further than that.



The helmet design fits perfectly with the way the dress cap looks, were it turned to the side. The anchor logo is there, as is the gold stripe lining up most of the way up in the black section of the cap.

Before we move on to the next part of the football uniform, note the shoulder boards on the Whites, as seen in the picture above on the far right.

These new Under Armor uniforms, which are apparently only going to be worn in the game against Ohio State, take that concept and run with it. They use it on the side of the pants…



..and on the sleeves. Now where this gets really cool is in the stripes. Notice how they’re different in the pictures below?



Just as the real shoulder boards indicate rank, the shoulders on the Summer Whites uniform has stripes which indicate which year the player is in at the Naval Academy:

  • Freshman: No Stripes
  • Sophomore: One Diagonal Stripe
  • Junior: Two Diagonal Stripes
  • Senior: One Parallel Stripe
  • Captain: Three Parallel Stripes, with the Anchor replaced by a Star

How cool is that?

Unless you’re an Ohio State fan, you should consider rooting for the Midshipmen in their August 30th game against the Buckeyes.

Source: CBS Sports