Unless you consider yourself too “manly” to see Pixar animated films, you’ve likely seen “UP”.  It hit DVD over a year ago and it was showered with well deserved praise.  For those who haven’t seen it, UP is a tale of a male widower who attaches balloons to his house to cause it to fly away when his neighborhood turns into a business district, and he has to deal with an unexpected kid who comes along for the ride.

Recently National Geographic had a hand in bringing the concept to life.  A team of scientists, world-class balloon pilots, engineers and a team from National Geographic’s cable channel got together and built a house-like 16 foot square structure (18 feet tall), rigged it up with 300 eight-foot weather balloons and launched it from a private airfield near Los Angeles.  In the process, a world record was set for “the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted”.

During the height of its one-hour flight, the house soared above 10,000 feet.

All that’s left to do now is to show you the pictures from the project and let you enjoy the wonder for yourself.

Our hats off to the folks at National Geographic for not only attempting such a typical “guy” feat, but undoubtedly succeeding.

Credit: LikeCool.com

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