Though I don’t know that I’d request it to be part of the blogroll since it pretty much only involves a yearly tournament (unless I’m mistaken), there is a blog that you might want to look at, especially if you like tournaments AND laughing at the misfortunes of others.

The blog is called Name of the Year (, and when a friend of mine sent me an email with the link earlier today, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I perused the list.

As far as I can tell, these are the names of REAL individuals whose names you wish were yours.  Some of my favorites?

  • Sequoyah Stonecipher
  • X’Zavier Bloodsaw
  • Coke Wisdom O’Neal
  • Roy Spancake
  • Dick Smallberries Jr (come on, Richard Smallberries Sr, how could you do this to your son?)
  • Banana Yaya
  • Daequon Montreal
  • Tronic Williams
  • Waver Brickhouse
  • Foxy Foxworth (sounds like a 1970’s Porn name)
  • Pencilman Jefferies
  • Flavius Killebrew (tell me that guy makes his own beer)
  • Charity Beaver (I can’t stop laughing long enough to come up with a comment)
  • Gregor Schwinghammer Jr
  • Spontaneous Gordon

and my personal favorite (though arguably not as good as some of the others)

  • Courvoisier Riley

Seriously, go to the site and vote.

And if your name is Liz Drabick, talk about it on the radio.

As the results pour in, we’ll try to cover it here at GuysNation.  If we don’t, remind us.