Today I couldn’t watch the race at home, but that is the great thing about being a NASCAR fan these days, I can get the race everywhere I go.  I can listen to the race on the local radio station and I can get it through my phone as well if I am not near a radio.  I caught about 100 laps at my parents house, but there wasn’t anything remarkable going on at the time.  I should have stayed for the last laps because that is when it got exciting.  Jeff Gordon pushed aside Kyle Busch to take the lead and pulled away from there.  I am not a Jeff Gordon fan, but I like Kyle even less. 

As for Jeff’s win, that puts him at 83 wins and he is now tied with Cale Yarborough on the all-time Cup victory list.  He hasn’t had a win in 66 races and his last races.  His dry spell is over and I am hoping that a Hendrick’s win can spur on the other Hendrix teams…well, let’s face it, by saying that I mean Junior’s team.  Jimmy has had his run for 5 years and it is time for a new champion.  It is time for Jimmy’s team to start falling apart and not be a contender. 

As for Junior this week, he had an unremarkable run, but he came home with a top ten finish and that will work for week two.  He is now up five places in the chase.  The first few weeks the chase the top drivers will fluctuate more; I also think that it will fluctuate more with the points system in place.  Time will tell.

I am happy that A.J. Allmendinger , Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin are in the top ten of the chase standings.  I do not like seeing the Busch brothers in first and second place, but it is a long season and we have plenty of time for that to change. 

If you start following my ramblings on, you need to know something:  I am biased.  There are drivers I like and don’t like.  I will give credit where credit is due, sometimes, and the rest of the time, you are free to tell me what you think.  It won’t change my mind, but then you can say your peace.