I have to give credit where credit is due and Kyle Busch owned (and I mean Dominated) the race this week at Fontana in California, leading 151 laps.  That is right until the end when Bobby Labonte crashed into the wall and caught fire causing a yellow flag.  The restart left Jimmy Johnson right alongside Kyle Busch and the rest of the field right behind.  If there had not been a yellow, I feel certain that this would have been a boring finish with Kyle staying way out ahead of everyone to finish the race.

However the restart changed everything and Jimmy and Kyle raced neck and neck and Kevin Harvick came charging on.  Once Jimmy passed Kyle, Kevin came up and passed Kyle.  Kyle’s crew chief made the decision to not pit during the last yellow.  According to Kyle’s interview on TV after the race, he couldn’t get the grip and speed he needed in the remaining laps to keep Jimmy and Kevin back.


In a spectacular finish, Kevin Harvick bumped Jimmy in the last lap and then passed him in turn four to take the checkered flag.  For anyone who has followed my postings you know two of my least favorite drivers are Jimmy and Kyle (and let’s not forget Jeff Gordon).  For Kevin to take a win from both of them just did my heart good.  But more importantly, it was an edge of your seat finish.  The race was relatively boring; I could have been seen napping in the recliner for certain.

It was a quiet race for Dale Earnhardt Jr., who ended up finishing in 12th place; not bad considering he restarted from the last yellow flag back around 19th place.  He started back in 30th place so his finish wasn’t that bad.  It did drop him out of the top 10 places overall, down to 12th, which means that if the chase started today, he would have been bumped by Jeff Gordon, who has a win.

Another note about the new scoring system, with a win, Kevin Harvick has jumped up 6 places into the top ten at 9th place.  I think the new scoring system is working so far…but we have a lot of races left to the season.