I dedicate this article to all you Jr. haters out there in the world.  Today at Martinsville, Dale Earnhardt Jr. proved that he still had some driving left in him.  He took first place near the end of the race away from Kyle Busch.  With four laps to go, Kevin Harvick squeezed past Dale Jr. to take the lead, proving he had a better car in the end.  Jr. fought hard to stay up front all day and his persistence paid off.  Kevin Harvick came racing up out of nowhere again this week to take a race.  This week was another nail-biter.  After Jr. bumped Kyle and ran past and Kevin passed Jr., Kyle was right on Jrs. tail again.  With the three bumping and trading paint, who knew what might happen in that final lap.  Kevin had it, but Jr. and Kyle came to the finish line neck and neck, or bumper to bumper; at the flag Jr. had him by a nose.

The race was eventful and there were a lot of lead changes (possibly a record number for Martinsville).  There were also some hard hits and wrecks.  The hardest hit was Martin Truex Jr. whose accelerator stuck and he slammed into Kasey Kahne and then into the wall.  Thankfully for the softer walls (that needed repairing after the hit) because Martin was able to walk away from the wreck.  I was watching the race on a new big-screen TV and I will tell you what, the burst of flames and the view of the hit were spectacular.

Jimmy Johnson and Denny Hamlin, who were favorites as they had won the last 9 races at Martinsville, finished 11th and 12th respectively.  I knew a change was coming.  Jeff Gordon, who was strong all day and even led several laps, finished in 5th place, while the Pole sitter, Jamie McMurray finished in 7th with a very strong showing today.

Kyle went up three places and is now leading the chase.  Dale went up four places to 8th place and Jeff Gordon is now in 12th place.  Tony Stewart had a bad day and dropped 5 places to 11th.

My prediction for the day was change and that neither Jimmy nor Denny would win, which came true, but my top three for the day were: Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, and Jeff Gordon…okay I was way off on the actual picks.  Maybe I will do better next year.