1. We get as close to confirmation as we’ll ever get that Montreal is a work from Bret, Vince, Shawn, and all other involved parties.

Okay, here’s the deal on this one. I’m not under the impression that the fact that I used to do a couple of columns for 411 Wrestling makes me an international celebrity on the internet. However, I’m just going to say that if you want to know why I think Bret Hart’s Montreal Odyssey is a complete and total work, you can find said reasons in the 411 archives. You could also probably just ask me, though. I’d answer. Anyway, I’m betting sometime between now and ‘Mania we’ll have plenty of “wink wink, nudge nudge” moments to clue us in that we’ve all been worked for 12 years.

2. The Rock finds his way into a wrestling ring for at least one match.

Too many hints have been dropped, and with what appears to be a Cena heel turn looming, the timing couldn’t be better. Cena has just enough mainstream recognition to not make this a waste of time for The Dwayne, and the fact that RAW highlights have actually made it to SportsCenter in recent weeks doesn’t hurt, either. I can definitely see The Rock playing sing along with the crowd one night on RAW from the West Coast or in Florida, only to get baited into a “one time only” matchup.

3. TNA will pull a 2.0
I don’t necessarily think it’s going to be on January 4th. In fact, I think a 1.5 will be a resounding success for them. They’ll be helped some by the extra advertising and by the lack of Monday Night Football, no doubt. However, between now and the end of the year, I think that they’ll hit a 2.0 at least once. This is good for everybody if it happens – competition brings out the best from Vince and company, too.

4. Career ending injury for Batista.
This one isn’t much of a stretch. The guy is certainly no spring chicken, and it’s not like he hasn’t had some “enhanced” injuries already. It’s hard to imagine him bouncing back from many more detached biceps or torn quads or things of that nature. I think “The Animal” gets put down for good before Survivor Series.

5. Jericho and Edge will headline Summerslam.
It wouldn’t surprise me to see them wrestling at ‘Mania, but I think they’ll be the headliners at Summerslam. Edge will have his mandatory (and long overdue) face run when he returns from injury, and a slow burning, intense, well worked feud between these two should be a ton of fun. Jericho and Shawn Micheals had the best feud of the last 10 years, and there’s no reason to think that Y2J can’t duplicate the feat with Edge.

6. Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters, Paul Burchill, William Regal, and Vladamir Kozlov won’t see the end of the year in WWE.
Some of these guys are going to refuse to extend contracts because they’re frustrated with their position in the company. I’m sure a couple will just be released outright because creative can’t come up with anything for them, which raises a question. Billy Gunn, of all people, made a great observation regarding “creative” once in a shoot interview.
“You’re firing me because creative doesn’t have anything for me? I’m being fired because somebody else told you they can’t do their job?” I digress.
It also wouldn’t surprise me if at least one of these roster members don’t find themselves outside of WWE due to Wellness issues.

7. Shelton, Haas, and Regal will find homes in TNA, with Bourne heading to Ring of Honor, and Masters and Kozlov travelling to Japan.
Shelton and Haas would fit in TNA wonderfully for two reasons. One, Kurt Angle is there, and that reunion would be so much fun in and out of the ring. Two, TNA’s tag team division is outstanding. As for Regal, he’d be a great shot in the arm for the British Invasion.
Bourne is made for the X Division, and may find his way there eventually, but I can see him returning to Ring of Honor and traveling the east coast for a while before settling back into an exclusive deal with anyone.
Kozlov and Masters just seem to be treading water, even when they’re getting some time in the spotlight, and could be easily replaced with fresh developmental talent. Off to Japan they’ll go for “seasoning”. See also: Tyson Tomko.

8. Brother Ray will retire, leaving Team 3D to Brother Devon and Jesse Neal. It will fail spectacularly.
Brother Ray has allegedly been on the verge of retirement for a while now, as nagging injuries just keep nagging. They’re responsible for the non-kayfabe portion of Jesse Neal’s training, and there’s been no talk of Devon getting out of the ring. I can see Brother Ray passing the torch to Jesse Neal and the team living on with him. I can also see fans crapping all over it.

9. The TNA Global title will be rebranded or just abandoned entirely.
I thought the switch from a Legends title to the Global title would help, but it hasn’t. It’s still just essentially a really shiny prop, which is a shame. They need to establish it as an answer to the Intercontinental or United States title. If they’re not willing to do that, just drop it.

10. RVD = TNA
RVD has no interest in working a full time schedule, but four nights a month of taping, one pay per view, and MAYBE a house show or three would accommodate him, I think. He’s been more vocal about his interest since the Hogan news broke, and he’d be a good investment for TNA. The guy is perpetually over, can work with anybody, would be great in their X Division gimmick matches, and could move merchandise.

11. Alex Shelley will leave TNA, Chris Sabin will regain the X Division title.
The recent signing of the Young Bucks doesn’t seem like a good omen for the MCMG’s to me. Does TNA really need two of the same team? Shelley has been vocally annoyed with TNA in the past, and I can see him returning to the indy scene, which is disappointing. I can also see Sabin sticking around and being rewarded with a solid X Division title run.

12. Other TNA departures will include VROOM VROOM IT’S BOBBY WASHWEE to MMA full time, Dr. Stevie and Raven to semi-retirement/road agent positions, Kiyoshi to common sense, Shark Boy to cost cutting measures, Daffney to lack of creative when Stevie and Raven are gone, and Lacey Von Erich to hardcore pornography.
I’m pleasantly surprised that Stevie is still on television. I’m a big Raven and Stevie mark from the ECW days, and adding Daffers to the mix just makes it better. However, I can’t see them being a big part of television for much longer.
Kiyoshi has contributed absolutely nothing during his time in TNA. Nothing. I’m sure he’s a very capable wrestler, but his credibility with the TNA audience is zero, and he’s not going to pick up steam any time soon.
Shark Boy is more of a goodwill ambassador at this point anyway, and I’ll be surprised if MMA companies will continue to allow Lashley to double dip.
As for Lacey Von Erich…c’mon. She’s a Von Erich.

Check back with me in 365 to see if I’m a genius or an idiot..or somewhere in between.