The last time I talked about a movie I’m anticipating, it was Predators.  This time, it’s something much different, though still suspenseful.

The movie is Chloe.  Don’t ask me how I found out about it, because I don’t track those sort of mundane details.  Concern yourself with WHY I find the movie intriguing, that’s the hook of the article.

Amanda Seyfried has done great work on the HBO show Big Love, was pretty good in Mean Girls, and as for the rest of the stuff she’s been in, I’m drawing a blank right now.  I didn’t see Jennifer’s Body so I can’t really speak to how she did in that role, but I don’t believe the purpose of that movie was to show her range as an actress.

I believe “Chloe” will.

It co-stars Julianne Moore, who is typically really good on-screen.  Same with Liam Neeson (who GuysNation is going to be honoring with an award whenever the compilation is finished).  Amanda Seyfried is still in the point of her career where she’s trying to get her name out there as a great actress, and I think this movie is going to do a decent job of that.

There’s no big studio push behind this movie, so I don’t expect it to do well at the box office.  Sony Classics picked up this film for distribution, and I’m guessing that more people will rent the DVD (and buy it) than actually see it in the theater.

From the trailer, it looks like a great erotic thriller in the vain of Fatal Attraction, though I’ll be much happier with any scenes involving a scantily clad Amanda Seyfried (which the trailer promises) than I was with Glenn Close.

Time for the trailer, which I believe more people have seen on YouTube and in theaters than will see it on television, unless Sony Classics decides to do a major marketing campaign tonight (with the release date set for tomorrow – March 26), though it would definitely feel out of place to see the trailer in the middle of The Office.

If you want more from the movie before its release, check out this scene:

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