Hey, hey, hey everybody! It’s that time of the week once again and after a pretty successful first-try with this new, weekly-post I decided: why the hell not?!? If you’re not familiar with the concept yet, or want a reminder, MOVIED takes the biggest movie box office releases of the week and links them to related films, the viewing of which would make the newly released film more enjoyable.

So this week’s box office brings us just one major-release.  That just so happens to be Gerard Butler’s next, sports-mainstream movie, but instead of surfing with a soon-to-be-killed Jay, he’s playing soccer with kids! That Gerard Butler, he is one lovable Scottish man, I’ll tell ya. Here’s Movied, the PLAYING FOR KEEPS edition:

The Lovely Ladies of Playing for Keeps

Tape – Even though Uma Thurman may not have a huge-role in this flick, that is essentially based-around two, old high school buddies, shootin’ the shit and getting high while doing so, she still plays a big-part in the movie and it’s main theme behind it all. I don’t want to go into detail about her role, what she does, and why she’s even relevant to the story in the first-place, but trust me, when you see her show-up on-screen and light it all up (not literally, either), you’ll be thinking of her after it’s over.

Intolerable Cruelty – There’s this type of look to Catherine Zeta-Jones that is not only what makes her beautiful, but a tad bit mysterious as well. That’s the essence and feel that the Coen Brothers tapped-into when they cast her across from Clooney in this anti-rom-com about the dark-side of love  that we all want to hopefully avoid: divorce and heart-break. Yeah, it’s a pretty sad and depressing take on a genre that thrives on making lovers out there happy and hopeful, but the movie plays it up as perfectly as a Coen Brothers movie can. It’s weird, off-kilter, goofy, twisty, and most of all, pretty intriguing as to where it goes and why. It’s not their best flick by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still an obvious-example that these guys can do almost no wrong.

Kickin’ It (Literally)

Victory – Most of the people out there reading this, had never even heard of this movie and I don’t blame you. It’s little known, weird, and pretty stupid at-times. However, if you want to watch it for the love of the sport of soccer and also want to feel a bit-inspired as well, then this just may be your treat. Also, it’s got the strangest trio of leads I think I’ve ever seen together in a movie: Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, and Pele. Yes, that Pele.

Kicking & Screaming – Seems like an obvious-choice for a category that features soccer movies, but hey, you can almost never go wrong with anything Will Ferrell touches (post-SNL days, I mean). Not only is Ferrell a laugh-out-loud riot here, but everybody else who even dares to get in-front of his screen presence is just as good. Robert Duvall steals a couple of scenes as his attention-stealing, asshole-type of a dad, and pro football coach, Mike Ditka, is even funnier playing himself. And I don’t mean that he’s playing an exaggerated-version of himself, either, I really do think that’s him in the movie and they just forgot to tell him when the camera’s stopped rolling.


Coriolanus – Gerard Butler is a guy that seems like he has so much charm, so much happiness, and so much more to him, than any of these shit-roles he’s been taking as of late, give him the slightest-bit of credit for. The guy’s got a presence, and let’s not forget to mention that he’s got a pretty sick, Scottish-accent that’s enough to make any character from Braveheart, crap their kilts, and run away. But believe it or not, within the past 5 years, Butler actually took-up a role that asked more from him than just looking cool and showing off his “mean face”, it asked for him to actually emote and act, and that was a task he was very up-for as Tullus Aufidius in the 2011-reworking of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Butler displays a type of emotional power to him in this role, that is not present in any other movie and even if his character is one, tough, S.O.B. that you do not want to mess with, he goes further than just making his trademark “mean face” and goes more subtle with this role, showing that there may be more to this character than we ever expected from Shakespeare’s original-writings, and hell, even Butler’s skills as an actor. The movie is one, big play-fest for this whole group of thespians, but much to my surprise, Butler came to be the most memorable and most surprising out of them all and showed that maybe, just maybe, the guy can go back to picking roles that made him look bad-ass. Then again, with Playing for Keeps coming out this week and doing pretty shitty so far (as expected), I think I spoke a little too soon.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll, and if you want more Movied, you can find it here!

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