As a new feature series on GuysNation, MOVIED takes the biggest movie box office releases of the week and links them to related films, the viewing of which would make the newly released film more enjoyable. Don’t understand a lick of what I’m saying here? You’ll likely understand it better as you read below and see what I mean:


The Man, the Myth, the Legend, and His Movies

The Birds – If you watch horror movies and love them just as much as you say you do, chances are, you’ve seen Hitchcock’s The Birds. Not only is it one of his most iconic, but it’s also one of his best as he uses certain camera-tricks to really put us in the mind-set of a well, bird. It may not be the scariest thing you’ve ever seen six ways from Sinister, but if you want some old-school chills and thrills, and see why Hitchcock is so loved in the horror-world, then give this one a fly (pun intended).

Psycho – Yeah, it’s a pretty obvious choice considering that the movie I’m basing this recommendation off of, is about the making of this exact-movie, but you know what? It doesn’t matter because this movie is still freakin’ awesome to watch. Hitchcock really out-did himself with this 1960 horror-classic, just around the time people thought he had to pack it up and call it day. With nail-biting suspense, top-notch acting from the cast (especially an iconic Anthony Perkins as the scariest momma’s boy known to man, Norman Bates), and a twist-ending that will really have you guessing for days, Psycho is a movie that still resonates today as one of Hitchcock’s best, as well the only movie that will ever make you terrified of going into the shower and getting washed. Make sure you lock that door!

The Filmmakers of Yesteryear

My Week with Marilyn – Most people would just push this recommendation to the side as it’s obviously a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and the complications she went through while filming the 1957 flick, The Prince and the Showgirl. However, her director and co-star for the film, Laurence Olivier, went through just as many problems as her, if not more. What makes this supposed “biopic” so fun to watch, isn’t just Michelle Williams’ spot-on portrayal of Monroe, but watching how Kenneth Branagh plays Olivier, with all of his directorial ticks, pet-peeves, and acts of genius that has made him so legendary today. See it for the Olivier parts, and sort of say, “Screw you!”, to the ones with Marilyn and her non-stop crying-self.

Me and Orson Welles – Like Olivier and Hitchcock, Orson Welles seems to find his name, high-up on the “Greatest Directors of All-Time” list, and this 2009 inside-look at one of his finest Broadway productions shows exactly why. Before you get all pissed-off and start stomping away with steam coming out of your eyes by the fact that I just recommended a flick starring Zac Efron, don’t worry, because he’s good, as well as everybody else. But, the best of the best is probably unknown British actor, Christian McKay as Orson Welles, and does not only a spot-on impersonation that captures the look, sound, and persona of the famous-director, but also the spirit and mind that went behind all of his productions. Welles was sometimes very, very hard to work with on-set but after seeing this movie, you’ll realize that he was just trying to get his vision out there and make everything he did, just seem perfect.


Anvil! The Story of Anvil – Most of you out there probably don’t know this, but the director of Hitchcock, Sacha Gervasi, isn’t a first-time director. His first-feature flick was a documentary on the rise, fall, and eventual, rise-again of a cult-metal band from Canada, known as Anvil. If you don’t care for metal music, don’t care for the band, or just don’t care for the material in general, trust me, you’re going to want to see this. With enough attention to character, music, and details about how hard it is for a band to get-up off their feet and sell-out a crowd again, Gervasi’s behind-the-scenes is as insightful, as it is thoughtful in the way we see these guys represented as, well, themselves.

– – – – – –

Killing Them Softly

Beautiful Brad, as the Menacing-Type

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford – Not only does this seem like the perfect-choice just to watch Pitt act as a bad-ass, but it’s also a perfect-choice to know what type of story you’re going to get yourself into, seeing as this is the second-movie from director Andrew Dominik, who also does Killing Them Softly. The film itself, is beautiful, daunting, and worth a watch if you have some free-time for 2 hours and 40 minutes during the day, but Pitt’s performance is one that really shocks and keeps you in awe with just how forceful one character can be. From what I hear, and many others probably hear as well, Jesse James was no saint to have around, and Pitt shows this-off perfectly as he makes us believe that the guy could, would, and most likely, will do anything to keep himself, as well as his fellow-thieves around alive.

Kalifornia – This movie was released probably too early in Pitt’s career to really get the looks that most of his movies nowadays do, but it’s still one that shows him as being the ruthless, the sadistic, and the most evil summbitch the world has to offer. The film has some tense moments here and there, but that’s mainly because of Pitt and how he’s able to just command the screen with every ounce of acting-talent he’s got. Not a perfect movie, but Pitt sure is and I think that’s worth a 2-hour watch, don’t you think?

The Softer Side to these Tough Guys

The Visitor – You’ve probably seen him in about 500 movies, but you just know it, or his name, quite yet. The dude’s name is Richard Jenkins and not only does he co-star in Softly, but he also got nominated for an Oscar a couple years back for his work as a college-professor-turned-bongo-drummer in this 2008, indie-pick. Jenkins is great in everything he does, but here, in this movie, he gets to take the film over with his subtle-eyes, sudden facial-expressions, and just calm way of handling himself, that is absolutely no surprise the guy got nominated, and it’s even more of a surprise why the guy doesn’t get nominated more.

Welcome to the Rileys – Anybody who ever sees James Gandolfini usually thinks two things: Tony Soprano, and tough, big mobster-like guy. Those two elements, are usually correct because Gandolfini has never really branched-out quite enough to be taken as anything else but that, but he actually has some dramatic-acting elements in his skill as well, that doesn’t come-out quite as much as his evil side does. Here, he plays a father that’s still mourning the loss of his daughter and decides to look over a young, dirty-prostitute (played by everybody’s favorite vampire, Kristen Stewart), take care of her, and in the meantime, find something out about his life that wasn’t there before. The story sounds schmaltzy and in a way, is, but Gandolfini makes this material work because he’s honest, sincere, and pretty touching in how he just feels like you could go up to him, hug him, and wish him a good day. That’s something I would never, ever think of doing to Tony Soprano, no matter how happy either one of us were feeling at the time or place.


Something Wild – You may know him as Henry Hill, or you may know him as Tommy Vercetti, or hell, you may just know him as the guy that’s co-starring in Softly this weekend, but either way, you know that Ray Liotta is an actor that plays a lot, I do repeat, A LOT of bad-guys. However, none have ever been as bad, or as memorable as the one he plays in Jonathan Demme’s cult-classic, Something Wild. Like the movie he appears in, Liotta is unpredictable, crazy, and just all-over-the-place with his emotions and what the hell he’s going to do next. We’ve all seen him yell, shout, do that angry face, and just look as pissed-off as anybody can be, but you’ve never seen Liotta as angry as this, and it’s one of his better performances, if not his best, since it shows that there’s more to being crazy. Well, actually, he’s just being crazy but it’s the good-kind of crazy.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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