There’s so much going on in movie news right now that instead of covering it in a dozen separate articles, I wanted to give some summaries all in one spot. While the second half of this article contains several stories and (at least partially substantiated) rumors, we’ll first start with the money…

Box Office Top 10:

1. Super 8 ($35.4)

2. X-Men: First Class ($24.1) {dropped 1 spot / 56% drop in earnings}

3. The Hangover Part II ($17.67) {dropped 1 spot / 43% drop in earnings}

4. Kung Fu Panda 2 ($16.5) {dropped 1 spot / 30% drop in earnings}

5. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ($10.9) {dropped 1 spot / 39% drop in earnings}

6. Bridesmaids ($10) {dropped 1 spot / 16% drop in earnings}

7. Midnight In Paris ($6.1) {jumped 1 spot / 121.9% increase in earnings}

8. Judy Moody ($6)

9. Thor ($2.4) {dropped 3 spots / 42.7 decrease in earnings}

10. Fast Five ($1.7) {dropped 3 spots / 45% decrease in earnings}


Non-Financial News

According to the New York Times (which I’ve never previously cited in these Movie News updates, so mark this as a first), several major studios are not currently planning on attending the San Diego Comic-Con. That list includes Warner Bros, Walt Disney, DreamWorks and The Weinstein Companys. Word is that Marvel Entertainment (which runs separately from Walt Disney) is considering not attending as well.

Years after the property was last touched with a decent animated feature and more than two decades since the first live-action feature hit theaters, TMNT is getting the reboot treatment courtesy of Paramount Pictures. According to Deadline, the guys who penned Mission: Impossible 4, Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec have been handed the task of reviving this once proud franchise.

In other reboot news, Heat Vision is reporting that Daredevil is getting respun, with the writer-producer from FRINGE (the television show on Fox, for those not in the know). Here’s to hoping that Brad Caleb Kane has better luck than Kevin Smith… and that he picks someone better suited to play the blind-lawyer-turned-superhero than Ben Affleck. I’m optimistic, however, as I read one of the final quotes from the article “[Kane] is a Daredevil fan, and his energy and passion for the material helped him nab the job, according to insiders“.

Disney has produced two animated Peter Pan movies, a live-action film about him leaving and then coming back to save his family, and up until this point we’ve yet to find out how Peter gets to Neverland in the first place. SpinOff reports that Sky Movies is bringing the TV Movie NEVERLAND to SyFy Network in December. Following that link, you can see a trailer and a dozen or more still frames from the movie, featuring Bob Hoskins and Keira Knightly.

Remember the board game RISK where players would fight for world domination by taking over territories on a map and assigning resources to protect their areas? Sony Pictures is turning it into a movie, reports Deadline.

Despite having a screenplay written by the guy who penned VALKYRIE and THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Christopher McQuarrie is his name), apparently there’s quite a bit of trouble finding someone to helm WOLVERINE with Darren Aronofsky departing the project. Spinoff reports that Mark Romanek has taken his name off the list, though there’s still quite a few quality directors who they say are still in contention.

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