Don’t ask me how, but THE HELP continues to keep its top spot in the box office listings. This week, the three new movies entering theaters got the second, third and fourth spots on the list, but they were $4.7 M away from THE HELP’s earnings. Next week should be a different story, with WARRIOR likely to have a strong opening, and CONTAGION will likely supplant THE HELP once and for all. BUCKY LARSON, on the other-hand, will likely fall on its face. (Seriously, it prides itself on being a movie made by the guys who made GRANDMA’S BOY)

THE DEBT came in second place in its first week, and based on the reviews I’d be surprised if it didn’t hold strong going into next weekend.

APOLLO 18 landed in the #3 spot, and it likely won’t hold strong

SHARK NIGHT 3D had a much higher opening tally than I had expected, especially with two other suspenseful movies hitting theaters. If it remains in the top 6 next weekend, I’ll be surprised

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes in its 5th weekend leap-frogged COLOMBIANA (in its second weekend) to take the #5 spot? A little surprising, which makes me think the Zoe Saldana flick will drop out of the Top 10 next weekend (with the three new films enterting the box office, OUR IDIOT BROTHER and either SMURFS or SPY KIDS all surpassing it).

Spy Kids 4 finally surpassed its budget of $27 M with Labor Day Weekend’s earnings.

Box Office Quick Listing

  1. The Help ($14 M)
  2. The Debt ($9.9 M)
  3. Apollo 18  ($8.7 M)
  4. Shark Night 3D  ($8.3 M)
  5. Rise of the Planet Of The Apes ($7.9 M)
  6. Colombiana ($7.45 M)
  7. Our Idiot Brother ($5.4 M)
  8. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark ($5.1 M)
  9. Spy Kids 4 ($4.8 M)
  10. The Smurfs  ($4.1 M)
  11. Crazy, Stupid, Love ($3.3 M)
  12. Harry Potter 7 part 2 ($2.46 M)

September 6th DVD Release High Spots

  • X-Men First Class – more enjoyable than the Wolverine movie from last year, probably better than X-Men 3
  • Everything Must Go – well-reviewed Will Ferrell dram-edy flick
  • Hanna – interesting action flick reviewed here at GuysNation

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