Three films debuted in the top 5 this week, but none of them earned more than the reigning champ.

Marvel’s AVENGERS earned an additional $55.6 M this past weekend, more than doubling the ticket sales for BATTLESHIP ($25.5 M). With slightly above average reviews, the war at sea action flick will likely be in sharp decline two weeks from now.

THE DICTATOR debuted in 3rd with $17 M, earning back more than a quarter of its budget.

DARK SHADOWS added $12.58 M to its earnings to drop to fourth, meaning it will struggle to recoup its $150 M budget.

To round out the top five, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING brought in $10.5 M in its debut weekend.

Staying strong is THE HUNGER GAMES, which is still in the top 10 after 9 weeks, lifting its earnings to $391 M domestic ($634 M worldwide) on a budget of only $78 M.

WRATH OF THE TITANS would be causing some frustration at Warner Bros, as the $150 M film has only earned $82 M at the box office after an 8 week run domestically, but it has nearly tripled that outside the US, bringing its total over $300 M worldwide.

MIRROR MIRROR has also been saved by foreign markets, as the $85 M film earned $61 M in the US and more than $95 M in other countries.

JOHN CARTER just barely earned back its budget after 11 weeks. It’s up to $272 M worldwide, just passing its $250 M budget, with only $72 M earned domestic.

21 JUMP STREET has the opposite problem – it made $135 M in the US and only $49 M in foreign markets… though Sony / Columbia are likely thrilled, as its budget was only $42 M.

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