During a car ride tonight I heard some interesting news bits on 106.7 The Fan’s MMA Nation radio show, hosted by Luke Thomas that I wanted to pass along.

  • Fedor Emelianenko, the consensus top Heavyweight fighter in the world, might be retiring from MMA to follow his political aspirations over in Russia.  The guys on MMA Nation talk about the odds of him leaving his sport, in addition to their predictions for how UFC would use him if Fedor stays in MMA and ever ends up in UFC.
  • Frank Mir is considering a move down to Light Heavyweight.  The guys talk about how his build would fit if he were to drop the 35+ pounds to get into the lower division and the likelihood that UFC would add a cruiserweight division.
  • A former MMA competitor was involved in a huge bank robbery.  Didn’t know about it?  Never heard of the guy?  They’ll give you the low-down.
  • A former MMA star was not only released from his WEC contract, but he also won’t be involved in the non-competitve role he was potentially slated to continue with the company.  They’ll give you the details on that one, including their take on who the best WEC announcers have been.

Get the podcast for tonight’s show at the official 106.7 The Fan website and find more information at the page for MMA Nation.

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