Didn’t get a chance to check out all the games in Major League Baseball from this past weekend? We’ve got the round-up for you, starting with the biggest lopsided series:

Miami swept the Phillies 3 games to 0

The Phillies scored exactly 2 runs each game, but Miami had 14 in the span. Giancarlo Santon went 5-10 with 4 runs and 4 RBI.

Cubs swept Houston 3 games to 0

The Astros were shut-out in two of the three games and only scored 2 in Saturday’s game.

Cleveland beat Baltimore in Maryland 3 games to 1

The Orioles squeaked out a one-run victory in the second game in the series, but lost by no fewer than 4 in each of the other three.

Detroit beat the Rays in Florida 3 games to 1

The Tigers scored 5 or more runs in each of the games they won, and Tampa held them to 2 in the one they took.

Texas beat the Athletics 3 games to 1

The Rangers averaged 6 runs in the three games they won, but flamed out on Sunday and only scored 1 to close out the series.

Mets beat the Dodgers in Los Angeles 3 games to 1

Los Angeles got shut out in the middle two games of the series and came back to score 8 in the final game for their only victory.

Minnesota beats Kansas City 3 games to 1

After losing a one-run game to open the series, the Twins went on a three game win streak in which they averaged more than 7 runs per game.

San Diego edged Colorado 2 games to 1

Colorado took the first win by 8, then the Padres evened the series with a 4-run victory, then San Diego shut out the host in a 2-0 win.

Pittsburgh edged the Cardinals 2 games to 1

After taking the first two games by a combined score of 21 to 8, the Pirates dropped the final game 5 runs to 4.

Washington edged Atlanta 2 games to 1

The first two games saw the teams split victories with 1 run and 2 run differences in those contests, followed by a 8-4 win by the visiting Nationals.

Milwaukee edged the Diamondbacks 2 games to 1

Arizona got a huge 9-3 win to open the series, and the Brewers took the second 10-2. Those lopsided games were followed by a 2-1 win by the hosts to give the Brew Crew Faithful a series win.

White Sox and Yankees split a 4 game series

After taking the opening two contests, one of which was a 14-7 win, the White Sox got shut out by the host and then managed to score 2 in the finale but the Yankees put up 4 in the second straight game to finish out the series even up.

LA Angels split a 4 game series in Toronto with the Blue Jays

The highest average scoring series of the weekend saw at least 12 runs per game and two contests which featured 16 combined. And two of the outcomes were well-contested, a margin of 2 runs in the opening two games of the series.

Seattle split a 4 game series hosting the Boston Red Sox

The lowest scoring series of the weekend, the teams combined for less than 4 runs combined on average. Seattle only scored more than 1 run in one of the games, but shutting out Boston in the opener and holding them to 2 in each of the final two games in the series allowed them to not lose the series.

Cincinnati split the 4-game series with the Giants in San Francisco

The final two games of the series were won by a margin of 1 run, but the first two games saw the winners each score 5.