JERSEY CITY: While the Twins are throwing theirs at umps in frustration, the white-hot (or maybe BLUE hot?) Jays are tossing their jerseys in celebration. Photo courtesy AP

JERSEY CITY: While the Twins are throwing theirs at umps in frustration, the white-hot (or maybe BLUE hot?) Jays are tossing their jerseys in celebration. Photo courtesy AP

Good morning, and welcome to Week 11 of the baseball season! I’m sure some of you haven’t slept a wink yet after last night’s Game of Thrones season finale, so to keep you in the mood for the show you’re probably swearing you’ll never watch again, I think this edition of the MLB Power Rankings should have a few touches of the show. (Get it, like, MLB, The Show?)

Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers here. Only Season 5, Episode 9 material and earlier!

We’ll start in the AL East, where things are more congested than the streets of King’s Landing. The Yankees and Rays are tied for the division lead, but four of the five teams are no more than three games behind. I suppose Boston can’t be ruled out, either, at eight games behind, but its mid-June and we have yet to see a real push out of the club.

But the top team for this week (again) is the Cardinals, who are running away with the division, league, and hell, all of baseball. Winning nearly twice as many games as they lose, the next close team (the Dodgers) have 4 fewer wins and 5 more losses. Suffice it to say, no one is prying the iron throne from their hands any time soon!

But that’s just a brief look around Westeros, erm, the majors. As always, here’s how all thirty teams stack up in full detail:

MLB Power Rankings – June 15th

  1. St. Louis Cardinals | 41-21 (24-7 Home, 17-14 Road) [Net Change From Last Ranking: ± 0]
    Ruling the seven kingdoms (and six divisions), the Cards are a lock for October.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers | 37-26 (25-10 Home, 12-16 Road) [± 0]
    I can’t help but to wonder where this team would be had they actually fired Mattingly way back when.
  3. Kansas City Royals | 34-25 (19-11 Home, 15-14 Road) [+ 1]
    So far, the Royals are living up to Lorde’s image of the enfranchised in her song.
  4. Houston Astros | 36-28 (21-14 Home, 15-14 Road) [- 1]
    They deserve a bigger slide for losing 8 of 10, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.
  5. New York Yankees | 34-28 (16-11 Home, 18-17 Road) [+ 7]
    I don’t want to put them this high, but I have to. Because leading the East means more now than ever.
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates | 35-27 (19-11 Home, 16-16 Road) [+ 7]
    The Bucs get hot and no one bats an eye. Why? Because they’re still stuck way behind St. Louis.
  7. Chicago Cubs | 34-27 (18-12 Home, 16-15 Road) [+ 2]
    They have a better record than two current division leaders, but are third in their own.
  8. Tampa Bay Rays | 35-29 (18-18 Home, 17-11 Road) [+ 6]
    Okay you swept the lowly White Sox? Now let’s see what you do with the Nationals coming to town.
  9. Minnesota Twins | 34-28 (20-12 Home, 14-16 Road) [- 4]
    They’re throwing jerseys and calling up top prospects, but they’re still losing. And starting to slide.
  10. New York Mets | 34-30 (24-11 Home, 10-19 Road) [± 0]
    Maybe they’d have more than a half-game lead if they won something, anything away from Citi Field.
  11. San Francisco Giants | 34-30 (16-17 Home, 18-13 Road) [- 5]
    They’ve lost that momentum they had gaining on the Dodgers. Let’s see if they can get it back.
  12. Washington Nationals | 33-30 (16-12 Home, 17-18 Road) [- 5]
    Everyone’s talking about Scherzer’s one-hitter when they should be talking about the lack of offense.
  13. Toronto Blue Jays | 34-30 (20-12 Home, 14-18 Road) [+ 11]
    They move up 11 spots, one for each “W” on their current win streak.
  14. Detroit Tigers | 33-30 (17-17 Home, 16-13 Road) [- 6]
    I really like Brad Ausmus, but he may have to go if the Tigers can’t make the postseason.
  15. Texas Rangers | 33-30 (13-16 Home, 20-14 Road) [+ 1]
    They continue to get better and better. Now if they could just win more in Arlington.
  16. Los Angeles Angels | 32-31 (18-14 Home, 14-17 Road) [- 5]
    Mike Trout can only do so much on his own.
  17. Baltimore Orioles | 31-31 (20-13 Home, 11-18 Road) [+ 2]
    They’re back to .500, but they need to keep climbing if they’re going to make it to October.
  18. San Diego Padres | 32-33 (16-17 Home, 16-16 Road) [± 0]
    Here’s something we don’t normally say about the Padres: they have too much talent to be here.
  19. Atlanta Braves | 30-33 (15-14 Home, 15-19 Road) [- 4]
    Freddie Freeman can only look around and wonder what happened to the team he once had.
  20. Arizona Diamondbacks | 30-32 (15-16 Home, 15-16 Road) [± 0]
    They picked first in the draft, reminding Arizona fans just how far they’ve already come in a year.
  21. Cleveland Indians | 29-33 (12-18 Home, 17-15 Road) [± 0]
    What happened to their big surge? This is why I didn’t put them higher two weeks ago.
  22. Chicago White Sox | 28-33 (16-12 Home, 12-21 Road) [± 0]
    Perhaps it’s about time they took the “lovable losers” moniker from their crosstown rivals.
  23. Cincinnati Reds | 28-34 (17-13 Home, 11-21 Road) [+ 2]
    If Aroldis Chapman gets traded, Reds fans should leave, too.
  24. Seattle Mariners | 28-35 (13-19 Home, 15-16 Road) [- 7]
    What’s with the big drop? They’ve gone 4-9 since last ranking. That’s what.
  25. Colorado Rockies | 28-34 (13-18 Home, 15-16 Road) [+ 1]
    They’ve moved up one spot each of the last two rankings. Can you say too little too late?
  26. Boston Red Sox | 27-37 (15-17 Home, 12-20 Road) [- 3]
    Given this season and last, a new 86-year drought may have just begun.
  27. Miami Marlins | 27-37 (15-17 Home, 12-20 Road) [+ 1]
    Going 5-5 in their last ten is a marked improvement. And that may just be the saddest fact of all.
  28. Oakland Athletics | 26-39 (11-18 Home, 15-21 Road) [- 1]
    Talk arises of Clippard going back to his old team. All other vets on the roster request same deal.
  29. Milwaukee Brewers | 24-40 (11-22 Home, 13-18 Road) [+ 1]
    Well, you split a 4-game series at home with the Nationals. So I guess there’s that.
  30. Philadelphia Phillies | 22-42 (15-16 Home, 7-26 Road) [- 1]
    Oh, the Phillies. So this is what it’s come to? The worst record in baseball.