ICYMI: Matt HArvey came on 'The Daily Show' and presented retiring host (and lifelong Mets fan) Jon Stewart with a jersey. Photo courtesy Comedy Central

ICYMI: Matt HArvey came on ‘The Daily Show’ and presented retiring host (and lifelong Mets fan) Jon Stewart with a jersey. Photo courtesy Comedy Central

Happy June, everyone! We’ve turned the calendar onto month number three of the season which means we’re just about a third of the way through the 2015 regular season. Crazy how time flies, isn’t it? I mean just think about it. Two months ago, Houston was a perennial cellar dweller, everyone in Boston was talking about the one-offseason rebuild, and Miami was an absolute train wreck!

Okay, one of those things may have not changed.

But my point remains: like any season, 2015 has had its share of surprises. Not only are the Astros still leading the AL West, but the A’s are still dead last. It looks like someone took 2014’s standings and pretty much flipped them on their head.

Also, don’t look now, but Minnesota is leading the AL Central. Huh? What? Over the Tigers, Royals, and Indians?

Yup. Weird, right?

But that’s not even the best baseball being played right now. No, that honor goes to the Cardinals. With a .660 win percentage, they’re winning nearly two out of every three games. For all the hype that was made about the Nationals’ series win streak (and how it came to an end in Cincy), St. Louis has the numbers to say they’ve been doing it practically all season!

So it should come as no surprise that they are this week’s top seed (again). And from there to #30, this is how the whole league shakes out as we enter June.

MLB Power Rankings – June 1ST

  1. St. Louis Cardinals | 33-17 (20-6 Home, 13-11 Road) [Net Change From Last Ranking: ± 0]
    If you beat this team in Busch Stadium, cherish it. It hasn’t happened much this year.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers | 29-20 (21-7 Home, 8-13 Road) [+ 2]
    They’re stalling just ever so slightly, and San Francisco is not right behind them.
  3. Houston Astros | 31-20 (16-12 Home, 15-8 Road) [+ 2]
    The Houston Astros are a Top 3 team. Up is down, left is right, sweet is savory. Nothing makes sense.
  4. Kansas City Royals | 29-19 (17-7 Home, 12-12 Road) [- 2]
    I know the Twins are ahead of them, but I just can’t bring myself to do it here. At least not yet.
  5. Minnesota Twins | 30-19 (19-7 Home, 11-12 Road) [+ 7]
    The Twins have gone 9-2 since we last ranking. That’s how you move up 7 spots in late Spring.
  6. San Francisco Giants | 30-22 (16-11 Home, 14-11 Road) [+ 5]
    The hard-charging Giants are nipping at the Dodgers’ heels, but can they pass them to win the division?
  7. Washington Nationals | 28-22 (14-7 Home, 14-15 Road) [+ 2]
    They were the hottest team in baseball. That is, before they got swept by the Reds.
  8. Detroit Tigers | 28-24 (14-12 Home, 14-12 Road) [- 5]
    Losers of four straight, the Tigers are starting to slide. Consider me not putting them lower a gift.
  9. Chicago Cubs | 26-22 (15-11 Home, 11-11 Road) [- 1]
    A small step back. If you didn’t think there would be growing pains, you don’t know Cubs history.
  10. New York Mets | 28-23 (21-8 Home, 7-15 Road) [- 3]
    We’ve seen this story before. The Mets start hot and then slide back into mediocrity. Déjà vu.
  11. Los Angeles Angels | 27-24 (15-11 Home, 12-13 Road) [+ 3]
    They continue to keep climbing up, thanks in no small part to sweeping the Tigers.
  12. New York Yankees | 26-25 (12-10 Home, 14-15 Road) [- 6]
    Does anyone want to win the AL East? The Yankees seem to be offering it up to any takers.
  13. Pittsburgh Pirates | 26-24 (15-9 Home, 11-15 Road) [+ 5]
    8-2 in your last 10 and you’re still third in the division? That’s how rough the first six weeks were.
  14. Tampa Bay Rays | 26-25 (14-16 Home, 12-9 Road) [- 4]
    At least when they’re struggling at home no one is there to see it.
  15. Atlanta Braves | 25-25 (12-10 Home, 13-15 Road) [+ 2]
    They should hang around .500 for the remainder of the season.
  16. Texas Rangers | 26-25 (9-14 Home, 17-11 Road) [+ 7]
    Hamilton is hitting walk-offs, the Rangers are winning, and all is right in Arlington once again.
  17. Seattle Mariners | 24-26 (12-13 Home, 12-13 Road) [+ 4]
    Only being 2 games away from getting back to .500 is the good news. Being 4th in the West is the bad.
  18. San Diego Padres | 25-27 (13-14 Home, 12-13 Road) [- 5]
    The thing is they aren’t even playing that poorly. Better teams are just passing them by right now.
  19. Baltimore Orioles | 23-26 (15-12 Home, 8-14 Road) [- 3]
    The Buck Truck may have run out of gas.
  20. Arizona Diamondbacks | 23-26 (11-13 Home, 12-13 Road) [+ 5]
    They’re just good enough to not be noticeably bad a la 2014. So I guess they have that going for them.
  21. Cleveland Indians | 24-26 (10-14 Home, 14-12 Road) [+ 7]
    They haven’t had an off day since last ranking and won ten of those games. That’s actually impressive.
  22. Chicago White Sox | 23-26 (12-10 Home, 11-16 Road) [- 3]
    Thanks to Cleveland, America’s most irrelevant team is back in the division cellar once again.
  23. Boston Red Sox | 22-29 (10-12 Home, 12-17 Road) [- 7]
    They’ve slid a total of 16 spots in the last two rankings. And if we’re being honest, it should be more.
  24. Toronto Blue Jays | 23-29 (14-12 Home, 9-17 Road) [- 2]
    The only reason they’re lower than Boston is because that’s where I think they’ll end up.
  25. Cincinnati Reds | 22-27 (13-11 Home, 9-16 Road) [- 5]
    They had to sweep the Nationals at home just to avoid a completely disastrous two weeks.
  26. Colorado Rockies | 22-26 (8-13 Home, 14-13 Road) [+ 1]
    Being 26th is actually a little unfair to the Rockies. So I’ll be nice when they crap the bed again.
  27. Oakland Athletics | 20-33 (9-17 Home, 11-16 Road) [+ 2]
    The sad thing is playing .500 ball over the last two weeks is actually a stark improvement.
  28. Miami Marlins | 20-31 (10-15 Home, 10-16 Road) [- 4]
    Remember when I said they would get worse without Mike Redmond? Hmm.
  29. Philadelphia Phillies | 19-33 (12-13 Home, 7-20 Road) [- 3]
    Jimmy Rollins definitely had the right idea to get out of Dodge when he still could.
  30. Milwaukee Brewers | 17-34 (9-20 Home, 8-14 Road) [± 0]
    A year from now, Brewers fans should be looking forward to a number one overall pick.