Michael Young and the Rangers have had no problem winning so far, but can they get over the hump in October? Photo courtesy Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

How much can you tell about a team 10 or 11 games into the season? Some, but not a whole lot. Still, it’s a big enough sample size that we can see which teams are legitimately hot or cold coming off the starting line. Here is the first edition of the power rankings for the 2012 season.

1. Texas Rangers | 8-2 (5-2 Home, 3-0 Away)
Stellar home record, undefeated on the road. Strong start for a third trip to the world series.

2. Detroit Tigers | 6-3 (5-1 Home, 1-2 Away)
Swept Red Sox but losing 2 of 3 to the White Sox keeps them off the top line.

3. St. Louis Cardinals | 7-3 (2-1 Home, 5-2 Road)
Albert who? Going .667 against division rivals on the road is how pennants are won.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks | 6-3 (3-0 Home, 3-3 Road)
Swept division rival Giants, then barely avoided sweep to Rockies. Can 2011’s best surprise stay hot?

5. Washington Nationals | 7-3 (3-1 Home, 4-2 Road)
Took three of four from talented Reds. Haven’t lost a series yet. Best ERA among starters in the majors.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers | 9-1 (6-0 Home, 3-1 Road)
Best record in baseball, but how do you judge ten games against the lowly Pirates and Padres?

7. New York Yankees | 5-4 (2-1 Home, 3-3 Road)
Might be the team atop this chart had they not gotten swept by Tampa Bay to open the season.

8. Atlanta Braves | 5-4 (3-0 Home, 2-4 Road)
Getting swept by the Mets appears to be nothing more than a slow start to their season.

9. Chicago White Sox | 5-3 (2-1 Home, 3-2 Road)
Very surprising start for the south side. Who can blame them for dropping 2 of 3 at Texas?

10. Toronto Blue Jays | 5-4 (3-3 Home, 2-1 Road)
Hanging in there in a tough division. Shouldn’t have lost their last series to Baltimore.

11. New York Mets | 6-3 (4-2 Home, 2-1 Road)
Swept Braves and almost swept Phillies, but how long can they over perform?

12. Philadelphia Phillies | 4-5 (3-3 Home, 1-2 Road)
Lost series to Pirates and Mets. Healthy bats may be Philly’s Achilles this season.

13. Tampa Bay Rays | 4-5 (3-0 Home, 1-5 Road)
Technically on bottom of division, but sweeping the Yankees showed just how good they can be.

14. Boston Red Sox | 4-5 (3-0 Home, 1-5 Road)
Briefly panic-stricken after starting 0-3, but the Red Sox are on the rebound now.

15. Los Angeles Angels | 3-6 (1-2 Home, 2-4 Road)
Poor start to the season, but the talent is immense. Should be above .500 within two weeks.

16. San Francisco Giants | 4-5 (2-1 Home, 2-4 Road)
Started the season 1-4 including a winless trip to Arizona, but they’re starting to right the ship.

17. Cincinnati Reds | 4-6 (3-3 Home, 1-3 Road)
Had two tough series against the Cardinals and Nationals. Should improve from here.

18. Seattle Mariners | 6-5 (2-1 Home, 4-4 Road)
Nothing too shocking here: dominated Oakland, got dominated by Texas.

19. Baltimore Orioles | 5-4 (3-3 Home, 2-1 Road)
How can an early division leader be on bottom here? Because it’s the Orioles. Won’t last in A.L. East.

20. Milwaukee Brewers | 4-6 (1-2 Home, 3-4 Road)
Three of four wins came against the Cubs. Getting swept by the Braves didn’t help their stock.

21. Miami Marlins | 4-6 (2-2 Home, 2-4 Road)
The new pieces are still trying to fit together. Meanwhile they’re already back on bottom of N.L. East.

23. Cleveland Indians | 4-4 (1-4 Home, 3-0 Road)
Seems like an appropriate performance. Should be around .500 for the duration of the season.

24. Colorado Rockies | 4-5 (3-3 Home, 1-2 Road)
Won series against Arizona but lost series against Houston. It will be a (Colorado) rocky season all year.

25. Kansas City Chiefs | 3-6 (0-3 Home, 3-3 Road)
Are they the team that took 2 of 3 from Angels IN Anaheim or got swept by Cleveland IN Kansas City?

26. Pittsburgh Pirates | 3-6 (2-1 Home, 1-5 Road)
Took 2 of 3 from the Phillies. Have done absolutely nothing since.

27. Oakland Athletics | 4-6 (3-4 Home, 1-2 Road)
Already have a losing record having only played Kansas City and Seattle. You see where I’m going here?

28. Minnesota Twins | 2-7 (2-4 Home, 0-3 Road)
Mauer and Morneau are back and healthy and it’s changed absolutely nothing so far.

29. Chicago Cubs | 3-7 (2-5 Home, 1-2 Road)
Lost all three of their series. The lovable losers are at it again.

30. San Diego Padres | 2-8 (2-5 Home, 0-3 Road)
Just about as miserable as we expected them to be.

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