So I did a prediction article for NHL free agency and am back with the MLB version. So here are my predictions for the top 25 free agents with possible destinations listed as well as where I think they will land. The rankings are my own and all predictions are guaranteed 100% to be true. At least until the first signing.

1) Albert Pujols, 1B: The crown jewel of this year’s free agent class had a season where he seemed merely mortal instead of his usual dominating self. Teams like the Cubs will make a run, but the Cardinals will do what they can to resign him.

2) Prince Fielder, 1B: A younger and more free swinging first baseman, Fielder didn’t exactly sound excited at the prospect of returning to Milwaukee. With Pujols staying, the Cubs, who need offense in spades will pounce, on signing Fielder.

3) Jose Reyes, SS: He sure decided to win the NL batting title at the right time. He’s one of the premier base stealers who will settle into the leadoff spot on any team. I don’t think that the Mets will resign him and the Nationals are a possibility, given they’ve shown a willingness to spend. However, after losing Fielder, the Brewers will try to land Reyes.

4) CJ Wilson, SP: I think Wilson is a bit overrated as he’s had a stellar defense playing behind him in Texas as a groundball pitcher, so if he goes to a team with questionable infield defense, then the stats might suffer. The Yankees, Angels, Rangers, Blue Jays and Marlins could use him, but I think he will be the Nationals big signing this offseason.

5) Heath Bell, CL: Bell has been one of the most consistent closers in the game and massively underrated because he’s been playing in San Diego. Having him close for a premier team would certainly boost his prestige, but he’s comfortable in San Diego, so he’ll return to the Padres.

6) Jonathan Papelbon, CL: Another member of the large group of quality closers on the market, Papelbon bounced back nicely this season. Although Boston has Daniel Bard as a possible replacement, Papelbon will return to the Red Sox.

7) Yu Darvish, SP: Not a free agent in the usual sense of the word, but if does decide to come over from Japan, he’ll command heavy interest from a number of teams. The combined price tag of the posting fee plus the actual contract will preclude many teams. That leaves the big spenders and this has Yankees written all over it.

8 ) Edwin Jackson, SP: He’s not ace material, but he’s still young and turns in a respectable record and ERA with 200+ innings each season. Boston, Washington and Florida are possibilities, but I think the Mariners will jump in and sign him. He’ll benefit majorly from their pitcher friendly park.

9) Carlos Beltran, RF: He’s lost a lot of the luster he used to have, but he’s still a productive hitter with recent injury problems. He played well in his short time in San Francisco and the absymal offense of the Giants will benefit from a full season of Beltran.

10) Jimmy Rollins, SS: Though San Francisco has been speculated as a destination and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does end up there, Rollins just seems like he’ll resign with the Phillies. They certainly have the means to lock up a franchise player.

11) Aramis Ramirez, 3B: Being the top third baseman on the market will certainly give Ramirez leverage. The Orioles have been a popular destination for him, but moving into a new ballpark will be the motivation it takes for the Marlins to sign the consistent power hitting 3B.

12) Mark Buehrle, SP: He’s just one of those players that is difficult to see in a different uniform. He’ll resign with the White Sox.

13) Michael Cuddyer, 1B/RF: Another underrated player who has quietly been putting up consistent stats, Cuddyer will command a big interest on the open market from teams such as the Red Sox or Rockies. However, he’s been such a big part of the Minnesota offense that he’ll remain with the Twins.

14) Ryan Madson, CL: Another quality closer that will be looking for a big contract. If Papelbon stays in Boston, then there aren’t alot of big spending teams left, so he’ll return to the Phillies.

15) Carlos Pena, 1B: He’ll always be among the league leaders in strikeouts and post a very low AVG, but will produce plenty of runs. He could go to a small market team such as the Pirates or Indians that need an upgrade at first base, but I see him going to the Brewers to try and replace Fielder.

16) David Ortiz, DH: He quietly had a nice bounceback season that was lost among all the Sox drama. There are few teams that have an opening for a defensively challenged DH, so in all likelihood, he’ll come back to the Red Sox.

17) Hiroki Kuroda, SP: He has said he doesn’t want to play anywhere else, so the Dodgers will resign him.

18) Francisco Rodriguez, CL: The player once known as K-Rod wants to close again and might get that chance, depending on how the closer market shakes out. I see him landing with the Marlins as he seems like an Ozzie Guillen type of guy.

19) Roy Oswalt, SP: If were not for a bad season he would have been ranked much higher. Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox or Rockies could use a dependable arm like Oswalt, but I see him returning to the state of Texas with the Rangers as a replacement for Wilson.

20) Josh Willingham, LF: Another quietly productive outfielder, Willingham will be one of the more affordable power options on the market. He’s put up respectable stats despite playing in a number of pitcher’s parks, so a move to the Rockies will do him wonders.

21) Coco Crisp, CF: Like his soon-to-be former teammate Willingham, Crisp had a productive season that flew under the radar, even leading the AL in stolen bases. He could go to the Nationals, who need a center fielder, but he seems like a good fit with the Giants who have a need for a CF and leadoff hitter.

22) Kelly Johnson, 2B: After a midseason trade to Toronto, Johnson played like his old self of the past few years. He hit well and even had some pop. Though the Tigers and Dodgers could have a use for a player of his type, he’ll end up returning to the Blue Jays.

23) Javier Vazquez, SP: He had a dominant September, posting an ERA under 1 and was a dependable option for Florida throughout the season and could return to them. However, he has given strong signs that he wants to retire, so it’s expected he’ll do just that.

24) Jason Kubel, OF/DH: Another productive Twin that flies under the radar, Kubel is a dependable piece of the Minnesota offense. A team like the Dodgers, who have a need for a left fielder, could make a run at him, but it’s more likely he’ll stay with the Twins.

25) Grady Sizemore, OF: Grady For The Ladies sure has hit a rough patch in his career with the recurring injuries. He’ll probably end up signing a short team deal with a low salary as he has alot of potential but also a lot of risk. That sounds like an Ozzie Guillen player, so he’ll end up with the Marlins.