At two of the sandwich shops I frequent during my lunch breaks from work, they offer an assortment of potato chips, and for at least one of the types I’ve tried, I can’t get enough.

Miss Vickie’s Hand-Picked Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips.  It’s a long name, but it’s big on flavor.

They’re definitely a spicy chip, as one might expect from a Jalapeno-related product.  They’re not so spicy that you definitely need a glass of water / milk sitting nearby, but your entire mouth will remind you what you just ate for the next minute or two.  Unlike some other spicy chips, these Jalapeno chips didn’t seem to have any tingling effect on my lips.

To get an idea for what these chips taste like, it’s essentially a Sour Cream & Onion chip with some true-to-taste Jalapeno flavoring in there.  I’ve had other Jalapeno chips, which I’ll review sometime before the year is over, and while some of those had the heat and fresh Jalapeno taste like Miss Vickie’s, they weren’t nearly as good, and I think it’s the hint of Sour Cream & Onion which helps this option.  The Jalapeno taste definitely takes center stage, but once you compare these with other Jalapeno chips on the market, you start to see that it’s nice to have a good supporting cast.

Some other chips I’ve had seem to have a powdery coating on them for the flavor, but that’s not how Miss Vickie’s did this.  The flavors involved seem to be baked in.  Even after having a few handfuls of the chips, my hands don’t feel greasy or caked with the flavoring.

Although the chips don’t feel greasy to the touch, I will warn you that a while after you eat them, you’ll find that the grease involved in the chips does make itself known.  These chips don’t churn inside like some of the greasier chips I’ve had, but they rock the boat (so to speak) more than Pringles.

If you like hot food and think you might enjoy some Jalapeno taste mixed with a little Sour Cream & Onion, the Miss Vickie’s Hand-Picked Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips are a must-try.  Look for the white and light-green bags, you’re not likely to be disappointed.   My only real complaint is that I’ve yet to find a family-sized bag of these chips.