Guys, you absolutely need to know who Minka Kelly is.  No doubt about it.  You should know her because you’re a football fan and you watched the first few seasons of Friday Night Lights (one of the best shows on television).  If you’re currently watching the show Parenthood, you know her as the  (a show I regularly watch for various reasons).  If you saw (500) Days of Summer, you might recognize her from the small role she played in that film.

If you’re a New York Yankees fan (or hater), you might’ve noticed her as the incredibly hot brunette on the arm of Derek Jeter, her fiance.

You’re about to get another big dose of Minka Kelly in the pages of the November issue of Esquire magazine, where they named her the Sexiest Woman Alive.

What, you don’t read Esquire magazine?  You really should start… unless you’re the type of guy who has zero interest in the articles inside Playboy, or you get frightened by advertisements for Mens designer clothing (hey, it’s not like you have to buy it).

Not only was Esquire magazine nice enough to snap a few awesome pictures of Minka Kelly for us to look at and think about before/during/after we read the interview they did with her, but they also rolled film and provided a video to help convince us of her “Sexiest Woman Alive” status.

And now is nice enough to bring that video to you.

Enjoy.  (and below the video, click the 5th start to the right to let us know you appreciated this article)

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