#outsideappeal: Last Saturday during the Oakland-Boston baseball game, As RF Josh Reddick used Daniel Bryan’s theme as his walkup music and apparently a section of fans responded appropriately with YES! chants. How is this not awesome? The YES! chant is even getting play outside of WWE shows and the only thing that was missing during the game was Bryan showing up randomly to yell NO! in their faces.

#speakingof: Maybe Punk needs some anger management of his own. In footage ‘just before the show’ he beats up Lawler backstage. When the show does go to air it’s not Punk out first but Sheamus to talk about ADR. Punk emerges to a big reaction from his hometown Chicago crowd. After some logic saying that since Cena came to Lawler’s aid last week and that Lawler is disrespecting Punk, ergo Cena is disrespecting Punk and the WWE Title. If a=b and b=c, then a=c, simple logic, yes? Sheamus gets in his bit about Punk interrupting him with the crowd heavily booing at several points. You’ve probably already guess what happens next. AJ comes out and makes it Champ v Champ for tonight as well as #1 Contender vs #1 Contender in Cena-Del Rio.

#toosoon: So Orton and Ziggler just battled in last Smackdown’s main event and they fight again as the first match 3 days later on RAW? Apparently Ziggler demanded a return match, but still the booking doesn’t make sense. This could be a decent feud that gives both guys something to do while Creative stubbornly sticks with a Sheamus-Del Rio feud that should’ve ended already. For what it’s worth this match was fairly good, reversal of moves and trading of pin attempts throughout. Dolph evened the score, by grabbing the tights for the win. Maybe this sets up a blow off match at NOC? Perhaps for the MITB briefcase? They need to start treating that like it actually means something and not an accessory Ziggler carries around.

#maskedmarvels: The Mysterio-Cara partnership continues as they battle Rhodes and Tensai this week. I suppose Miz being on commentary and not in the match is Creative’s way of saving Miz-Rey? But then why didn’t they do that with Ziggler-Orton? I know WWE likes to throw two random guys together to make tag teams, so why not Rey and Cara? We’ve seen that they can work well together. They can be called the Masked Marvels or something. Yes, it’s the best I could think of right now and I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest it. Maybe give them a Tag Title run then work an angle where they eventually face off at Wrestlemania like has been heavily suggested? They showed their high flying ability in this victory.

#disrespect: Punk can’t catch a break can he? You’d expect a matchup of Champions to be a main event right? Not in John Cena’s WWE. So what is Punk to do? In the ring together, Punk told his champ counterpart that Champ vs Champ is nothing less then a main event at Mania. He also said that since this is Labor Day and most people had the day off, he’s taking it off too and walked to the back. Not even AJ stopping him backstage could change his mind.

#timeoff: So AJ has to go find an opponent for Sheamus, which turns out to be Jack Swagger. He predictably jobs to the WHC, who interestingly gets a submission victory with a Texas Cloverleaf. Perhaps that struck a cord with Swagger who tells AJ later that he’s taking some time off as well. Maybe we’ll see the return of Crazy AJ now that she has even less to fill 3 hours with every week.

#hilarity: We’re now in Week 2 of clips from Bryan and Kane’s anger management class and it’s just as funny as before. Bryan showed an ‘anger collage’ with YES and NO on it, Kane set his signature pyro on a trash can and also caught Bryan in a trust fall exercise, plus they both came to an agreement on a future Summerslam rematch. Those fuzzy feelings didn’t last as they traded barbs until everyone walked out of the class. If you watch any part of this week’s RAW, make sure it these clips.

#filler: Orton-Ziggler was the longer match most were expecting when RAW moved to 3 hours, but true to form, WWE has to put in some quick ones to  balance it out. There’s a Divas match no one cared about and Ryback squashing Jinder Mahal and any real chance of those two having an actual feud. At least Miz, who’s been on commentary all night due to Lawler’s absence, offered a snarky comment on Ryback wrestling sprints and not marathons. Oh and Ryder beat Heath Slater, which for him is major victory. There’s also a continuation of Vickie questioning AJ’s ability to be GM. It still seems odd they’d start this kind so soon into AJ’s tenure.

#3hours: Per AJ’s orders Bryan and Kane have a ‘Hug It Out’ match which devolved into a brawl to no one’s surprise. This perfectly encapsulates how bad RAW has become in the 3 hour era. Throwing in Santino’s US Title rematch with no build and losing to Cesaro in a matter of minutes is another example.

#secondfiddle: So even though Cena isn’t WWE Champ he still gets a main event slot and it somehow got made a Falls Count Anywhere match by AJ. Del Rio has to come out by himself, after Sheamus Brogue Kicked Ricardo Rodriguez into oblivion earlier. The match proceeds as any Cena match does until he tries to AA Del Rio through the announce table only to have it reversed on him and Alberto send him through the table instead. Of course Cena kicks out at two. Perhaps the only saving grace was that the match moved backstage which should be featured in a majority, if not all, of FCA matches. Cena had Del Rio down and out before Punk rushed back in to attack him, then drag Alberto over him to get the pin. Since they have time to fill in a 3 hour show, the post match beatdown Punk gives Cena is a bit longer then usual. As Punk gets in a car to be driven away, the driver window rolls down to reveal Paul Heyman. Now THAT could be the beginning of a very interesting storyline.