So after some deep thinking, I’ve decided to change the format of my RAW article series. Whereas I would dedicate a paragraph to each segment, it’s going to be pared down to a Best and Worst. Some segments will make and others will not mainly to them being nothing special or they just wouldn’t fit into either. The came came about mainly because it’s a bit much to write about every single segment/match on a 3 hour RAW, let alone just watching it. Thanks to Rob for the idea behind the change and be sure to check back constantly as I’ll be adding to both lists throughout the night!

Commentary: JBL+JR+Cole=awesomeness. This is just the perfect trio sit at the announce table. JBL will play the heel, Cole the face and JR will inject his wisdom. By the way, what’s the deal with Cole? Ever since the Lawler episode a few weeks back he’s almost become a face. I’m not complaining at all, since he’s so much better then his annoying heel persona. The commentary adds to the broadcast and doesn’t detract from it. JBL and JR’s funny mini-feud tonight is highly entertaining.

Vinnie Mac: Look, I’m sure the only reason he’s here is to pop ratings given last week’s dismal rating, but it’s always a good thing when The Chairman is here. He can talk with the best of them and when his State of The WWE address is interrupted by Punk you know the exchange will be good. Not so much when Vince threatens to fire Punk unless The Champ faces him in the ring.

Tag Team Revival: It’s shocking how much Creative has put into the Tag division in the last few months. The #1 Contender’s Tournament is an example of that and the fact that there’s eight viable teams in the division at all is encouraging. As I predicted in the Tag Team Roundtable, Los Luchadores advance by beating the PTP and Rhodes Scholars easily dispatch Ry-Tino. I’m really hoping The Scholars win the tourney because they provide a great heel foil to the apparent face champions. You’re Welcome.

Larry King: Ok so the idea of Larry King interviewing The Miz at a desk on stage seems absurd on the surface, but Miz does what he can to save the segment after Larry brings out Kofi instead. These include ripping on Kingston for mentioning the city they’re in for a cheap pop and ribbing Larry about his large number of wives over the years. His current wife is there and gets to toss water in Miz’s face. Hilarity. What it a good use of Larry King’s time? Probably not. Was it entertaining? Absolutely, and isn’t that what really matters?

Tag Team Burial: So in order to advance Ryback they have him destroy a young and promising team in Epico & Primo? Not only that but he pins both at the same time. I thought WWE was building the division back up? Couldn’t they have gotten local guys Some Dude and That Guy instead?

The Empire: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett is a match I’ve been wanting to see for some time. The two men have similar styles and would make for a good WHC feud. The reason their match lands here is because Tensai appears out of nowhere to attack Sheamus and cause the DQ. It makes the match seem meaningless. The Pale One takes a pretty bad bump post-match after getting tossed out of the ring by Big Show, possibly concussion inducing.

Hell No: Not only do I think Bryan and Kane’s team name is absolutely ridiculous (Team Friendship is just fine) their schtick of arguing with each other could soon enter overused territory if there’s not a new wrinkle added. I’m sure they’ll retain at HIAC, but there has to be some sort of development in them as a team. They do get the win tonight after beating Del Rio and Ziggler. Berto is stuck in no man’s land and WWE seems like it does want to pull the trigger on a Dolph main event push when he’s clearly ready for it. He’s like a baseball prospect tearing it up in the minors with nothing left to prove, only the club won’t promote him for some reason.

Cena’s Return: Despite what WWE would have you think, this wasn’t some earth-shattering event. John-Boy basically did the same thing he always does, tells a few corny jokes, shamelessly plays to the crowd and continues to push Punk for a WWE Title match. Move along, nothing to see here.

Main Event: As if last week’s TV rating wasn’t bad enough, Vince’s solution is to insert himself as a top face fighting against the top heel in Punk. Their ‘match’ didn’t even really get started as it devolved into more of a fight, at least Punk was able to grab Cole’s headset and shout ‘What a maneuver’ in a mock McMahon voice. Of course Cena can’t stand to let anyone else have the spotlight so he, along with Ryback, have to get involved. The state of the WWE is never more clear with Cena, Ryback and McMahon standing tall in the ring as the show goes off air.