#return: So I’m back after I was unable to cover RAW last week and thanks go to Our Fearless Leader Rob for filling in for me. Apparently I missed alot. Bryan and Kane have a name for their tag team, WWE appears to be taking the tag division seriously with a #1 Contender’s tournament, CM Punk felt the wrath of The Hardcore Legend, John Cena is ‘injured’ again and their temporary replacement for him is Ryback? At least JR is on commentary.

#truthiness:So Punk’s explanation for his actions last week is to claim Cena attacked him from behind with a pipe and Foley provoked him when are clearly not the case? This does no good for Punk as a heel, because he doesn’t need to resort to cowardly heel tactics in order to gain heat. It just feels like they have to do that with him when put up against The Unstoppable Force John Cena. Anytime Paul Heyman has a mic in his hands, entertainment is bound to follow. He has that intangible quality that allows him to get under people’s skin. After complaining about AJ, he announces she should be removed and replaced by himself. You’d expect AJ to come out and defend herself, but instead it’s Vickie making her own play for GM power. This was actually going quite well until AJ came in, followed by Daniel Bryan and finally Kane. When Mr Big Red said that AJ was ‘a phenomenal kisser’ I started feeling incredibly ill. The segment was way too long and felt like something an amateur theater company would put on.

#numberone: The idea of having a tournament to determine the #1 contenders for the Tag titles is a genius idea and something they should do more often for other titles. The fact that there are 8 functioning tag teams eligible to participate is a milestone for the division, when only too recently the banner was being carried by guys like David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Mysterio and Sin Cara advancing over Epico & Primo was the right decision. Hopefully they don’t let the ‘Universe’ decide their team name.

#plummet: Is what Brodus Clay’s stock is apparently doing given he just lost to US Champ Antonio Cesaro in like a minute. It seems like it was only yesterday when Clay on the winning end of short squash matches. Same goes for Ryder as he lasts about 2 1/2 minutes against Miz in another non-title match. ADR making Kofi tap out later in the show after only a few minutes does nothing for the former Tag Champ either. There’s only so much JR can do to make these matches sound interesting.

#shameless: Creative comes up with a referee missed call angle in an attempt to mock the NFL and now they’re having a debate between Sheamus and Show with Booker as moderator only days before Barack and Willard square off? Can they not come up with something original? They certainly make it difficult for anyone to enjoy the segment. They didn’t even brawl at the end and Booker came so close to a Jim Lehrer or Tom Brokaw performance.

#mealtime:Tensai in a match against Ryback? So much for all those vignettes they aired hyping his debut/return. Typical domination from the former Skip Sheffield, perhaps as a way to reinforce what he can do if they actually go through with the teased feud with Punk.

#snorefest: Oh hey a Divas match between Eve and Beth! Is every champion going to be in non-title matches tonight? Kelly Kelly is gone and Beth is on her way out if reports are to be believed, so why are they not featuring Natalya? She’s clearly the best all around Diva the WWE has, as she has the look, lineage and good mic skills to succeed. Plus, she could wrestle circles around every other Diva on the roster.

#stabled: The careers of Heath Slater, Jindar Mahal and Drew McIntyre are going nowhere, so the idea to put them together in a stable makes sense. It’s an intriguing combination of guys who you wouldn’t think would mesh. However, Slater is the only one that is over with the crowd, but as a annoying jobber. So there’s work to be done.

#scholarly: I’m really liking the team of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow as The Rhodes Scholars. Both of them would be great as singles competitors, but they have the chemistry to click as a tag team. Sandow faces Sheamus in yet another non-title match. Shockingly this one lasts long enough that they have to cut to commercial at one point! Sheamus gets the pin and the win after hitting both men at the same time with one Brogue Kick. Shouldn’t Cody getting into the ring have caused the DQ? Still it was an excellent match that showcased both men.

#goodolejr: It’s Jim Ross Appreciation Night! I appreciate it every time JR is on commentary because he instantly makes any match he calls twice as good. This being the WWE, someone has to come out and ruin the fun. That person is CM Punk himself, who demands respect from JR and for him to say he is the Best In The World. Given how that went for Lawler, it’s mildly surprising that Punk demands JR leave. That exit is halted by Ryback who comes to the ring to stare down Punk who retreats. Basically the same thing that happened last week. The best part of that Punk-JR interaction was when Punk brought up Stone Cold and said he owns ‘3:16’ because that’s how long he’s held the WWE Title. Great zinger.

#heel: Well that’s what this main event consists of tonight. Punk and Ziggler are definite heels, while Kane and Bryan are former heels floating somewhere in tweener territory. Given that Daniel still yells at the crowd, it seems like Kane is the most ‘face’ of them, as hard as that is to believe. It seems that AJ has made herself the special guest ref for this match but doesn’t have much impact beyond tossing both Heyman and Vickie from ringside. The latter being sent to the back causes Ziggler to bail on his partner and its not long before Kane hits the Chokeslam for the win. What was otherwise a decent match ends with the usual Kane-Bryan ‘I Am The Tag Champions’ argument. A whole show without a John Cena sighting? Who thought WWE had the guts to go through with it?