#nolove: Poor CM Punk, all he wants is some r-e-s-p-e-c-t for being the WWE Champion, but instead he gets has to defend said title against both Cena and Show. Maybe he’s thinking he shouldn’t have turned AJ down after all? Not only would he have the GM on his side, he’d have a sharp dresser as well. Last week it was a classy black work attire and this week it’s white. Is she going to have a different color/suit every week like ADR has cars? She certainly knows how to make matches, giving us Show-Orton and Cena-Bryan right off the bat, before Punk come out to disingenuously apologize for yelling at her last week. That’s something Face Punk might do, but then asks that the Triple Threat Title match be cancelled, morphing into Heel Punk like some superhero. Speaking of which, here’s WWE’s resident good guy to spew the usual SuperCena stuff. Of course this means Show has to come out, but In Charge AJ heads it off before things get out of hand. She the announces that Punk will face either Miz, Kane or Mysterio, based on fan Twitter votes. At least they’re delivering on the promise to integrate social media I suppose.

#renewal: It’s not all that surprising that the fans picked Mysterio to face Punk, he is the most popular of all the choices after all. We know this will be a good match since these two had a great rivalry a few years ago when Punk headed the SES. This is a TV match so it’s not given as much time as their PPV ones, but it’s still quite good and what’d you’d expect from these two. Punk wins with the GTS and grabs his mouth in pain afterwards, looking like he might have broken a tooth, perhaps when Rey hit him with the 619.

#YES: That was for the vignette hyping the return of Wade Barrett, who was sporting a beard in the clip. It was incredibly well done and focused on his background as a bare-knuckle fighter, and to rediscover himself he had to go back to his roots. I know I’m excited for the Barrett Barrage to continue.

#falling: Del Rio learned really quick that you don’t mention the words ‘AJ’ and ‘crazy’ in the same sentence in her hearing. She was going to give him the night off but pits him against Christian. These two have some history, with Christian WHC win at Extreme Rules last year being the biggest. With all that and the need to fill 3 hours, it’s sort of a surprise when Del Rio gets a quick victory with the CAB. You’d think they’d give it a few more minutes or something. Sheamus showing up on the Tron and driving Del Rio’s car out of the building for a joyride around San Antonio has to hurt. Plus, how far has Christian fallen since losing the IC Title to Miz?

#mainevent1: I’m fairly sure Orton-Show was a main event match at one point, probably somewhat recently on Smackdown, but here it gets the slot at the top of hour #2. In typical WWE fashion, they take what could be a decent match and give it a cheap ending, this one with a double countout after a massive Spear by Show on Orton. I understand the logic in the finish, each man is going strong and a loss would’ve knocked them down a peg, but they could’ve done more with it.

#feedme: Instead of squashing 2 jobbers at once in like a minute, Ryback has moved on to squashing Hawkins & Reks in a few minutes. Compared to what he’s been doing, this is a big step up.

#rosterdepth: Epico & Primo taking on The Prime Time Players is as good as it gets in terms of tag team depth in the WWE. The match devolves into a brawl after Kingston & Truth come to ringside to distract PTP giving Epico the chance to get the pin. The only other noteworthy item was Cole claiming AW has been ‘clever’ on the mic recently. O RLY? What a way to understate things, WWE.

#yourewelcome: Before we could be subjected to the same dance session with Brodus Clay we’ve seen 273 times before, Damien Sandow comes and out and destroys him on stage. You’re Welcome.

#bigreturn: Kelly Kelly makes her somewhat triumphant return in a typically brief Divas match against Eve. I think the most excited person in the building was Dirty Old Man Lawler.

#showstopper:HBK can walk into a WWE arena after any length of time and immediately electrify the crowd. That is the definition of a main event. He’s here in his hometown of San Antonio to talk about the beef between his buddy Hunter and Brock ‘Sometimes Is Here’ Lesnar. What I thought would happen is that Lesnar would beat up Michaels to make his match with HHH even more personal. Instead there was a bunch of talking, HHH staring down Lesnar, Lesnar staring down HHH, Michaels staring at both of them, and Heyman probably giggling on the inside. Brock backed away from the confrontation but not before dropping a cryptic hint that while he’ll see H at Summerslam, he’ll see Michaels ‘sooner’. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn

#utterlyshocked: That Alex Riley is given TV time. It’s been ages since we’ve seen him on one of the main shows and he probably got squashed then. He draws Dolph Ziggler tonight and Jericho is on commentary as well. You’d think Ziggler would get the win to look strong heading into his showdown with Y2J, but his showing off gets the better of him with Riley getting a surprise rollup win. I’m also mildly shocked that Kane beat Miz in 4 minutes later on. He apparently needs some momentum going into his recently announced Summerslam bout with Bryan. At least it’s not Bryan-Sheen. I’m not all that shocked that WWE basically buried one of its mid card champions.

#firsttimeever: Bryan taking on Cena in singles action has been billed as ‘first time ever’ all night, so you’d probably expect it to be something special which it really wasn’t, but it was still entertaining. Bryan spent entirely too much time shouting No! at some ringside fans. The crowd continually chanting Yes! to get in Bryan’s head was a major story in this match and Bryan solid it very well. He had Cena measured and hit 7 straight No! Kicks and went for an eighth but Cena countered that into the STF. Bryan turned that into the No! Lock, which Cena turned into an AA for the win. That was a pretty sweet ending sequence. Cue the obligatory appearances by Punk and Show to lead to a mini-brawl. In the middle of it, we get about as official of a heel turn as we’re to get from Punk when he says he’s done shaking hands and smiling all the time. Instead he’s going to focus on the WWE Title and being the bets wrestler in the world. It certainly leaves us with a clearer picture then last week. Though it’s not quite as shocking and impactful as his last one, where he cashed in MITB against Jeff Hardy.