#fresyes: For the followup RAW after Summerslam, I’d imagine they’d have it in a city like San Diego or San Jose, but tonight it’s in Fresno, which is the 5th largest city in the state. It kicks off with some the finally victorious Brock Lesnar. If he had somehow lost to HHH last night, it would’ve made him the highest paid jobber of all time I’m sure. At least he has Heyman to be his mouthpiece and really is there anyone who could do better for Brock? He’s verbally dismantling H in a way that Brock could never do. I hope they somehow keep him on after Lesnar eventually leaves. How about that Other Paul Heyman Guy, CM Punk? Dragging last night’s ref, Scott Armstrong, out didn’t really add anything to the segment. Plus wasn’t he the same ref when Punk made Undertaker ‘submit’ at Breaking Point? Usually this is the point where HHH would come up and give his response, but maybe that’s still to come.

#singular: Kofi & Truth vs the Prime Time Playas is just about the only tag team feud there is right now and one has to wonder what direction it will take since the champs retained yet again. Tonight it’s a 6 man tag match with Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes added in. Typical multi man tag match to somehow keep the tag feud going and sorta-kinda get serious on the Rhodes-Cara feud.

#feedingtime: Creative has finally found a way to change up the usual Ryback-squashing-two-jobbers routine. It’s to have Jindar Mahal come in to cause a DQ by attacking Ryback. Maybe this means an actual feud for the former Skip Sheffield?

#formalprotest: So they did find a way to keep the Sheamus-Del Rio feud that nobody really likes going with last night’s ‘controversial’ decision. Understandably, Berto starts ranting on the mic about getting robbed and wanting a rematch that instant. You’d think AJ coming out and booking Del Rio in a match against Orton instead blurs the RAW/Samckdown authority lines, but when has WWE cared lately about the brand split? At least AJ said Booker will deal with the title situation on Smackdown. Since this is Randall we’re dealing with, he gets the RKO victory in yet more ‘controversy’. It looks like a Triple Threat at Night of Champions to keep Del Rio in the picture and Orton relevant.

#nomoredancing: Well Clay still danced to the ring as usual for his match against Our Intellectual Savior Damien Sandow, but at least it’s not a usual squash. Clay dominates most of the match, but Sandow responds with a quick roll up for the pin. We did get to see some of Angry Clay in a post-match beatdown which I’m sure added to Sandow’s martyr complex.

#coffeemug: The Law Offices of David Otunga’s Travel Mug is back! He was off filming some movie with Halle Berry when he could have been dispensing top-notch legal advice every week on our TVs. Maybe if he had a legal advice segment akin to Rhodes’ Grooming Tips it would get him over with the crowd. As a return present he gets mandandled by Show, who needed something to get bakc heat after tapping out and taking the pin in the WWE Title match.

#strangerthings: Well the normal tag match to get as many guys on TV as possible has a little twist in this one. Kane teams up with Ryder to take on Miz and Bryan in what is billed as a Strange Bedfellows match. It certainly is and Cole actually ran down Miz and Bryan’s history together and Ryder started down Kane, so at least WWE isn’t making these guys go out there and totally ignore past history. This being Creative they had to screw it up somehow. Miz bailed on Bryan after he got kicked accidentally by his ‘partner’, Bryan ran into the crowd after Kane was tagged in and Big Red was left to chokeslam Ryder before tossing a TV guy over the barricade and then coming back into the ring to Tombstone Ryder. At least Zack got TV time.

#anicenthistory: A Battle Royale to determine the #1 contender for the Divas title? They still have that title active? Any hope that this could be a jump start was ruined when Kaitlyn won. They could’ve had something of substance if either Beth or Natalya won.

#contracts: With Jericho’s win over Ziggler at Summerslam, you figured Dolph would demand a rematch to give Y2J an out to leave for Fozzy. Instead of having Ziggler beatdown or take out Jericho, AJ raises the stakes. If Dolph wins, Jericho’s contract is terminated, but if Jericho wins, he gets Dolph’s MITB briefcase. It’s a thinly veiled way to write off Jericho, but at least it’s a bit creative and Ziggler is perfectly selling concern over possibly losing the briefcase. Then again he sells everything perfectly. The match is a condensed version of last night’s but with Dolph getting the clean win over Jericho, who doesn’t take it lying down and uses the MITB briefcase to crack Ziggler over the head. At least he looks somewhat strong as he goes off with Fozzy.

#callout: In lieu of an actual main event, we get Punk doing an old-fashioned call out of John Cena, who he’s ‘picking’ as his next opponent. He gets the respect train going with Lawler first, re-hashing his ‘confrontation’ with him from a few weeks ago. All Punk wants is an apology from Jerry and SuperCena’s music has to come on to ruin it. Couldn’t he have waited? At least Punk finally gets around to verbalizing frustration with the WWE Champ always taking a back seat and not being in the main event. I know I’ve been waiting for him to bring it up. After bringing up their history last summer, Punk gets to the condition he’s been talking about all night for Cena to get the title shot. It’s simple, Cena has to admit, on live TV, that Punk is the Best In The World. After some gag-inducing Fresno State references for a few cheap pops, Cena does not say what Punk wants to hear. Did you actually think Cena would ‘sell his soul’ for a title shot? He does spew the usual stuff about believing in himself and never giving up. I’m surprised Punk’s not doing that fake throw-up routine like he did with HHH and Nash that one time. Punk’s response after Cena walks to the back? To call Lawler into the ring for that apology and to say what Cena refused to say. He gets the former, but not the latter and Jerry gets a kick to the head for his trouble. As shocking as that is, Punk can’t fully turn heel until he grows his beard out to SES-level, so there’s time form ore developments.