Welcome yet again to the Best and Worst of RAW. With Halloween in a few days, will it make its way into the storylines at all? What will the fallout be from a ‘controversial’ Hell In A Cell PPV? What is Vickie’s proof of the Cena-AJ affair? Who will be fed to Ryback? As always this article will be updated throughout the night so check back often.

Foley: It’s always good to see Mick Foley in a WWE ring. He really shouldn’t be in matches, but can still contribute as he did in the opening promo against Still WWE Champ CM Punk. Their exchange was good as usual, but what makes it even better is that Foley followed up on his Legend vs Statistic challenge to Punk from a few weeks back. In an era where Creative really doesn’t pay attention to past history, it’s refreshing to see it here. The bigger development is Team Punk vs Team Foley at Survivor Series, though I’m assuming they get to pick their own team.

Midcard Champs: The idea of Kofi facing Cesaro sounds good on paper, but they couldn’t get anything going since Miz was griping on commentary the whole time. What makes this segment great is Cole repeatedly cutting Miz down. Cole used to be his biggest fan! Miz attacks Kofi to draw the DQ and puts on a beatdown with Cesaro. Surprisingly, R-Truth makes the save to take out Antonio. If this means a Cesaro-Truth feud for the US Title, it can only be good for the champ as he can work with an established wrestler in Truth.

All Pink: The product in the ring may not be the most enjoyable right now, but we all have to give WWE their due for their involvement with the Susan G Komen Foundation in promoting breast cancer awareness. Having Cena in the ring with Foundation reps and presenting them with a check for 1 million dollars was a nice touch.

Traditional Survivor Series: Given that WWE has pretty much ignored the Survivor Series match in the past few years, it’s refreshing to see it given some spotlight and announcing team ahead of time in order to give plenty of time for hype. Heyman reveals Team Punk is The Champ joined by Miz, Rhodes, Sandow and Del Rio. Foley’s team is Kofi, Bryan, Kane, Orton and Ryback. Those are some pretty good teams, though some questions linger. So Punk won’t be defending the title he won at last year’s event? With Foley not actually wrestling will he be ringside? Predictably the teams brawl it out to end the show.

Ryback: We all knew that Punk was going to retain and it was going to be by nefarious means, but that doesn’t make it any lamer. Now where does Ryback go from here? He was rushed into a title feud because Cena was out of commission and now he will more then likely drop back into the midcard. It doesn’t look that good for him given Creative’s history of pushing guys and then suddenly giving them nothing to do (see Swagger, Jack).

Randall & Wade: Remember when Orton and Barrett had that pretty good feud going that featured Randall taking a tumble down a flight of stairs? Well apparently they decided to have the two battle again with no build and no hype. It just doesn’t make booking sense. At least the match was decent with Cole and JR highlighting Barrett’s bare-knuckle background, giving his character some depth.

Team Friendship: First of all that should’ve been the team name instead of ‘Hell No’. Second of all this is a borderline Worst because nothing new is happening in the Bryan-Kane storyline. They’re still arguing over who the tag champs is and bickering with each other. Presumably Rhodes Scholars will get another crack at them, but there has to be some development or the storyline will get stale.

Vickie’s Proof: Well that was awkward. It went on for too long with continual ‘evidence’ from Vickie and Cena stammering to defend his good name. What was Creative thinking? Are they just plagiarizing the Claire Lynch storyline from TNA? There is no way this can end well.