RAW comes to us tonight from Birmingham, England and questions abound. Will there be tea? Will native son Wade Barrett appear on the show? What is Vickie’s new ‘evidence’ of the Cena-AJ affair? Will Ryback be fed crumpets? What will be the fallout of the announcement of Team Punk vs Team Foley? Check back as the night goes on.

Miz: In a backstage segment before the show started, Miz chews out Heyman and quits Team Punk. While it surely is an interesting development, could it perhaps be the beginning of a Miz face turn? It certainly couldn’t hurt as he is already way over with the crowd and the newness of his look is waring off. His match later in the show with Sheamus was also quite enjoyable. He lost, obviously, but looked good in defeat. He’s off the PPV for now, but given that he’s on the official poster, you have to believe he’ll be added somehow.

Barrage: Backstage Heyman talks to Wade Barrett and convinces him to join Team Punk in place of Miz. The crowd popped big for him when he was shown on screen. When he comes out for his match against Brodus later the arena pops even bigger. Why he doesn’t already have an actual feud by now is beyond me.

Shake Up: Miz quitting Team Punk wasn’t the only change to the main event as Creative completely remade the Survivor Series card. The SS match is now Team Orton vs Team Ziggler with Dolph replacing Punk and Barrett replacing Miz. Like Punk, Ryback is no longer in the match. That’s because Vince showed up to announce that Punk will defend his title against both Ryback and Cena. Now we will be getting a WWE Title match, which is good since Punk’s ever-increasing reign did begin at the very event last year.


Jerry Lawler: The King is slated to return to RAW next week and while it’ll be good to see him recovered from the health scare, it just feels like WWE is turning this into an angle. What happened to Lawler was real and the way Cole handled it showed alot of class. To capitalize on such a tragedy for storyline purposes seems a but wrong.

Cena-AJ: The moment they started this storyline, you knew it as going south in a hurry. Yes, it gives something non-wrestling for Cena to do until the PPV, but it’s such a laughable premise. It’s a ripoff of the Claire storyline from TNA and even the man involved with that one, AJ Styles, made a backhanded reference to it on Impact. It’ll provide for some drama, but the time should be filled with wrestling, given how many guys are underutilized.

Tag Teams: It’s great that WWE seems to be building an actual Tag title feud between Rhodes Scholars and Kane-Bryan, but I just got finished typing how the Cena drama could be better used for more wrestling. Then Rhodes beats Bryan out of nowhere in like 2 minutes, then right after that, Kane retaliates by beating Sandow in a slightly longer match. The Daniel-Cody match in particular could have been given 10 minutes and they would’ve put on a show.

Main Event: So now that the PPV card has been completely changed, we get a preview of sorts of the main event in tonight’s main event. Punk teams with Ryback to take on Punk and Ziggler and while that looks good on paper, it plays out as expected. Cena is in the ring most of the time wearing his usual Jorts and Ryback gets in at the end for his usual moves and the win. I assume this means Punk will get the chance to one up both of the men to make it seem sort of even or they’ll keep pounding the odds-stacked-against-him angle for Punk. Oh and they were plenty of Feed Me More chants.