At first I was afraid, I was petrified.  Someone told me that a hot trend on Google and Twitter was the McLobster, and it wasn’t a McJoke.

There shouldn’t be any issue with McDonalds having a fish sandwich; the Filet-O-Fish has been on the menu for decades and the preparation is simple.  It is fried and all they have to do is heat up the previously frozen patty and the consumer doesn’t have to worry about how it was prepared.  Other fast food restaurants have added similar items to their menu, making for an option widely accepted by the fast food patron public at large.

If you’re not from New England or another coastal area,  you probably aren’t familiar with the term “Lobster Roll”.  Essentially lobster meat, often mixed with crab meat and/or shrimp meat, is mixed with mayonnaise (and sometimes celery, lettuce, onions, cabbage or other such filler items) and then scooped out into a loaf of bread.

In some of its stores, McDonalds has added this item to the menu, putting its Lobster mixture (which they claim contains the meat solely from eponymous crustacean) into something resembling a hot dog bun, adding lettuce and making it an option on the value meal listing.

Not surprisingly, the concept has been hit with some criticism and jokes from all around the world.  A significant portion of the world’s population could be considered anti-McDonalds (how can you not like the McRib?  some people a way) while another large section of the world has likely never heard of a Lobster Roll, let alone tried one.

While I’m not going to ever be on one of those cable channel shows where a guy eats some crazy delicacy that viewers cringe at while watching with one eye opened, I do consider myself something of an adventurous eater, and so I’m sure I’d try this sandwich at least once despite the fact that it’s likely not a good idea.

Other things I’d consider McBad Ideas if I were to see them on the Golden Arches drive-thru menu:

McSushi (which I’ve heard might actually be a reality in some areas of the world)

McChitlin (suggested by tons of Twitter folks)

McTacos (you thought the “beef” from Taco Bell was a bit unrecognizable?)

Alligator McNuggets


McSteak Sandwich (is there anything worse than the idea of a bun holding a dry steak, cooked well-done?)

McGerber (no need to add a menu item for infants, they’ll be hooked soon enough)