Whether you like the new uniforms worn by the University of Maryland football team, the change was a success.

In the Washington D.C. area, the sports radio stations and the newspapers will talk about University of Maryland sports. Aside from changes at head coach or a couple of players who make huge waves in the NFL, most of the Terps talk revolves around basketball, not football. National coverage? Forget about it.

That’s how things usually roll, but that all changed.

The new uniforms, similar to the eye-popping University Of Oregon uniforms, are creating tons of buzz, and not just locally.

Does Jay Bilas care about Terps football? Doubtful, but he joked on Twitter that the uniforms were worse than those worn by the 1970’s Houston Astros teams.

Darius Butler, cornerback for the New England Patriots who played four years at Connecticut (in the Big East, not in the ACC with Maryland) tweeted that he’s undecided about the Maryland jerseys, but he’s “leaning towards them bein hot”.  ESPN’s Steve Berthiaume disagreed, saying it looked as if “Versace threw up on their heads”. Jim Rome likened it to a punishable offense: “Whatever the NCAA does to Miami, it should double for Maryland. Those helmets truly demonstrate a lack of institutional control”.

ESPN SportsCenter even caught up with the buzz, sharing some of their favorite Tweets, including the ones I mentioned above, some fan reactions, and then one from a guy who is arguably one of the top sports announcing personalities on the planet today:

Dick Vitale captured the sentiments of this article perfectly when he tweeted “Trust me Terps will be judged by how they PLAY not how they LOOK! Has been a PR success ppl talking Terps football @ water cooler Tues.”

Whether or not you attribute the uniforms to Maryland beating Miami on Monday night, one thing is for certain: a year ago, Maryland wasn’t getting national coverage for their season opening game.