Manny Ramirez mug shot Credit: Broward County Sheriff Department

Mugshot Manny (Credit: Broward County Sheriff Dept.)

Retired MLB star Manny Ramirez was arrested last night on chargest of Domestic Battery. Allegedly during an argument between Manny and his wife, Juliana, the former Boston Red Sox outfielder grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, at which point she hit her head. At least, that’s what Manny allegedly admitted to the police, according to CBS News. The article lists her injuries, a contusion on the back of her head and swelling of the face, as being “minor”.

WFOR in Miami quotes the arrest report, read at this morning’s hearing by Broward Circuit Judge Jon Hurley, as stating that Juliana herself called the police because “she was afraid the situation might escalate”. In that hearing, the bail was set at $2,500.

As part of his release, Hurley ordered that Manny Ramirez have no direct contact with Juliana.

If Manny Ramirez had chosen to serve his suspension from baseball for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs instead of retiring, his 100 game suspension would have ended roughly two months ago and he would be with the Tampa Bay Rays in Baltimore early this week as part of a week-long road trip which also includes a trek up to Boston, where he won the World Series in 2004.