The third trailer for Man Of Steel has hit the internet, and we here at GuysNation have taken upwards of three dozen high resolution images, and we brought along some analysis to go with it.

Chaos on Krypton

Glimpses of war on a planet destined for destruction.

Jor-El watches as war is waged.


A mother and father say goodbye to their child, sending him away so he can survive and provide hope to another race.



man-of-steel_04-liftNothing new with that part of the narrative. It was part of the storyline 30 years ago, but it’s nice to see some of the scenes from this incarnation’s version.

Feats of heroism

We get a bigger glimpse from one of the scenes we’ve seen a bit in other trailers.

In the first photo, we see that it’s an oil rig which has caught fire and is being engulfed by flames.





If there were any doubts about Henry Cavill being strong enough to be Superman, they’re gone now.

Zod The Intense

Michael Shannon is the latest to portray Zod, and there’s no doubting his intensity.



Not only do we get the look from inside his ship, looking out over Metropolis, but we also get a view of Zod back on Krypton, when he’s being imprisoned and vows to find Jor El’s son.




A Second (or Third) Villain

Something I missed in the Man Of Steel trailer during my first two views, and finally noticed the third time through, is the existence of perhaps Superman’s greatest arch-nemesis. Check out the name atop the building.



I mentioned it being the third villain because there’s a chance that B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C. makes an appearance.


That might be my biggest assumption from the entire trailer, but I’d like to think there’s SOME validity to it.

Desert Stand Off

We’ve all seen the shots of Superman and Lois Lane in the desert with armed forces looking in on their meeting. Now we get an awesome look at something which likely preceeds that meeting, with the Man of Steel hovering above, looking down on them.



Mid-Air Beating

One of the biggest criticisms of Superman Returns, and some of the Christopher Reeve versions for that matter, is the lack of fighting Superman does. That looks to be in full force in Man Of Steel. I would call this a mid-air battle, but from the looks of things, Superman is kicking Zod’s ass. In the trailer, all Zod is doing is getting hit and knocked back, only to be hit again by the Man of Steel.





We’ve got quite a few more screen-captures, so check back in the coming days for those and more analysis!

For the trailer, check out my article on my personal movie blog website!





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