With the regular season in the bag, the bowl schedule announced and the College Football Awards handed out, there is one big announcement left to make. It is who will win be known as the best in the country and win the prestigious Heisman Trophy. The talk and arguments have only intensified in the last few weeks over who deserves the honor, with schools, coaches, fans and pundits hyping their favorite in every conceivable medium. Here I’ll be taking a look at why each player could or could not win the award.

Andrew Luck
Why He Could: The favorite at the beginning of the season has had another stellar season leading the Cardinal to another BCS bowl. He passed for over 3000 yards and 35 TDs and did nothing to diminish his standing at the front of the Heisman pack.

Why He Could Not: Luck had some of his best performances on the West Coast, while some fans and voters were asleep. Plus, Stanford didn’t make it to the Pac 12 Championship, so he loses some points there.

Trent Richardson
Why He Could: There is not a more complete back in the country and Richardson has all the tools. He certainly has the stats to justify a win and can put up big numbers on anybody.

Why He Could Not: He has the stats, but it could be argued he ran behind one of the best O-lines in the country and thus that was a big reason for the production. If Bama had beat LSU, he probably have the award in the bag.

Robert Griffin III
Why He Could: RG3 finished just 2 yards shy of 4000 passing yards on the season. He got it done with his arm and also with his legs. He’s a threat to have a ‘Heisman moment’ in any game.

Why He Could Not: The only real knock against him is that he plays for Baylor, not a traditional powerhouse. He also hasn’t faced defenses that are very tough. Some might say he wouldn’t have the stats if he was in the SEC.

Montee Ball
Why He Could: Ball became the go to guy for the Badgers and stepped up in a big way, piling up over 1,750 yard rushing and ran away with the rush TD title. He is the main reason that Wisconsin is in the Rose Bowl.

Why He Could Not: Ball also ran behind a stout O-line and played against some bad defenses. He also didn’t really come into the conversation until late in the season when his numbers become too good to ignore

Tyrann Mathieu
Why He Could: Honey Badgers was the star of arguably the best defense in the country. He is a great cover corner who doubles as a dynamic return guy.

Why He Could Not: He’s a defensive player. Need I say more? If you aren’t a QB or a RB your chances are incredibly low.

So there you have it. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible when analyzing the candidates but here’s my feelings about the field. Mathieu won’t win because he’s a defensive player, and while Ball has been phenomenal, because he plays in the Big Ten, most voters will hold that against him. Richardson has been talked and hyped all season, but Ball could have put even better numbers playing on that Bama team. I’m torn between the two QBs. RG3 is a highlight reel waiting to happen and his passing stats alone would put him on top. However, he was also a threat on the ground, while making Baylor football relevant again. Luck has been incredibly consistent over his career and will be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Voters will treat him unfairly because he doesn’t play on a powerhouse, but I would argue that putting up the numbers he has on that team should only increase his Heisman standing. The award goes to be the MVP and without Luck Stanford would barely make it to a bowl. While the Oregon game will work against him, I believe his stats, leadership and intangibles are enough to overcome that and give him the Heisman.