Between the two of them, MADAGASCAR 3 and PROMETHEUS serve the needs of nearly all the movie-going public, so it should be no surprise that they both exceeded $50 M ticket sales opening weekend. It was the animated kids flick which won the box office weekend. The third movie in the Madagascar series pulled in just slightly over $60 M, surpassing the total from the Alien prequel by $10 M. That could be due in large part by Madagascar being shown in 800 more theaters than Prometheus. In per-theater averages, Prometheus was ahead by $550.

It also could be that a kids movie happens to have a larger potential audience than a Sci-Fi Horror / Action flick.

SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN continues to prove me right when I predicted that it would be better than this summer’s other Snow white film, Mirror Mirror. In only two weekends, HUNTSMAN has pulled in over $98 M domestically, compared to the $63 M which MIRROR earned in a 10 week run. If you include foreign markets, HUNTSMAN has $182 M already, compared to MIRROR tallying just over $161 M.

Predictably MEN IN BLACK 3 drops one more spot but holds its earnings drop to only 51%. In just three weekends, MIB 3 has pulled in over $487 M world-wide, already doubling its budget of $225 M.

AVENGERS keeps pulling in the big money, adding another $10 M domestically to its world-wide total which is hovering around $1.4 BILLION.

After 4 weekends, BATTLESHIP is close to leaving the Top 10 in US weekend earnings, and when just looking at domestic totals, the $210 M budget looks questionable against domestic revenues around only $60 M. Overseas is where the flick is pulling in the big money, however, as foreign markets have added an extra $235 M to bring it considerably into profitability range.

Next weekend’s battle should be brutal, as ROCK OF AGES will take on THAT’S MY BOY in a fight over similar target audiences. The winner might be determined solely based on what individuals think of Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler – two polarizing figures.

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