In a recent panel discussion with LOST executives at the Paley Festival, some discussion pertaining to the series finale sheds light on what you can expect to find out, and what you won’t.

Of the items you should be expecting:

  • Richard and Ilana will exchange words
  • You will see another painting by Bender
  • Some of the characters’ last names have significance, particularly Jack
  • You will find out if Jack is married to someone viewers have met before
  • You will find out if Jacob was telling the truth regarding someone coming to the island
  • You will learn more about the connection between Hurley and Libby
  • You will learn if Desmond was really on the plane

Of the things you shouldn’t expect:

  • A conclusion to the story of Ben’s love, Annie
  • The meaning to the purple circles in Bender’s mural mean
  • The details on Juliet’s ex-husband’s fate
  • A DVD release of the show in chronological order

Of the items which the panel was being coy on:

  • Will the Hurley bird be explained?
  • Will we see Walt again?
  • Will we learn why women can’t have babies on the island?

For more information, check here.

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