Being one of the top Adult Stars in England & Ireland wasn’t enough for sexy blonde, Tanya Tate. The multi-award winning star has made the leap “across the pond” and has made her presence felt in the United States with the scorching hot sex scenes that have made her a popular performer in the U.K. The Liverpool-born beauty made the transition into porn in 2008, when the former office worker decided on a whim that she wanted to spice up her life. Since then, she has grown from an adult actress to a sought after director, producer, and one of the hardest working businesswomen in the industry.

Tanya Tate also loves to dress up as her favourite superhero and has her own “safe-for-work” blog JustaLottaTanya.com where she shares her love of all things geek. Since JustaLottaTanya was launched, Tanya has attained several geek titles in recognition of her exploits from noted mainstream entertainment websites:

  • Comic Impact – Cosplay Girl of the Month,
  • Critiques 4 Geeks – Geek Babe of the Month,
  • Comics Ninja –Cosplay Babe of the Month and 
  • Panels on Pages – Fan Girl of the Month.

At 5’6″, 126lbs, Tanya surprisingly resembles many of the classic blonde beauties that you see gracing your comic book page. Rather it is the invisible vixen Sue, Storm, The enticing telepath, Emma Frost or the voice of the JLA, Black Canary. The thing that I love about Tanya is the  fact that this isn’t just surface geekiness. This is a real love for the culture as she covers everything from toys to conventions. You don’t believe me, check out her safe for work blog, JustaLottaTanya.com. Fellas she is the rare girl that we look for. Porn star looks and a understanding of your reasons for dressing up as Space Ghost every once and a while. Recently I had a chance to send a few questions over to Tanya for the readers here at Guysnation. I hope you enjoy.

Mr. Incredible: So how did you get into the adult entertainment business?

Tanya Tate: I was a bored office worker that wanted a change of pace. Almost sounds like the script of an adult movie, LOL

Mr. Incredible: How did you make the transition to directing?


Tanya Tate: It was something I had wanted to do, a way of exploring the fantasies I had. While in adult I have tried a lot of new things, but I wanted to create an environment where I could really let loose and that’s where the idea came from. Filly Films gave me the opportunity and I have been having a great time directing.

Mr. Incredible: What inspired you to do Star Factory PR?

Tanya Tate: Opportunity. I was a client of Star Factory PR under the previous owners and knew firsthand how important publicity and public relations was. So when a situation arose where I could take the reins and be that positive influence on the careers of others; I took it. I am very fortunate that I have a well experienced support team in place to help me become stronger in this field.

Mr. Incredible: Now how did you get into the whole Cosplay thing?

Tanya Tate aka Susan Storm

Very Fantastic Four

Tanya Tate: I have always had a fascination with superheroes, but when I lived in England I never felt confident about expressing myself through Cosplay. When I came to America, I happened to be in San Diego during Comic-Con and I fell in love. It was an awesome experience and immersed myself in it.

Mr. Incredible: It seems that there are a growing number of adult actresses that are very geeky, why do you think that is?

Tanya Tate: I think some have always been. But now it has become very acceptable to express themselves in this manner. Like I was featured on the cover of AVN magazine because of it. Hustler did a “day in the life” on me at a convention. So, it really has become rather accepted.

Mr. Incredible: Do you ever find yourself defending your geekiness because of your adult entertainment career?

Tanya Tate: Not really. I think I have established myself very well as being legitimate. People know who I am and accept it.

Mr. Incredible: Would you ever do or direct a Cosplay theme movie?

Tanya Tate: You never know. I don’t really want to mix my Cosplay with adult entertainment, though.

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of your fav. people to Cosplay as?

Tanya Tate: Emma Frost. She’s a bad girl gone good. I can relate.


Mr. Incredible: Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions, is there anything that you would like to let the fans know?

Tanya Tate: Interested people can find my naughty videos on my NSFW website TanyaTate.com. But for those that want to see my geeky/Cosplay side it’s JustaLottaTanya.com. I can also be followed on Twitter; Twitter.com/TanyaTate.