Welcome to week 2 of “Lets Go Bowlin”. The games get better, and there are a LOT More of them. When we have a chunk of good games on a day I’ll point out the two I’m most interested in, and of course that means YOU should be interested in them.

Sunday December 26

LIttle Caesars Bowl 8:30pm
Florida International (6-6) vs. Toledo (8-4)

I know you ALL thought what I thought when you saw this Bowl game… “Little Caesars STILL exists?!?!” Do they still do “PIzza PIzza” these are all things I need answered. OH… and i guess they’re successful enough to sponsor a Bowl. The game? Well tis matchup of “WHO?!?!”, but what do you expect on an NFL Sunday. I’m surprised they put ANY Bowls on this day. The game will take place in Detroit, and was formerly the Motor City Bowl. Toledo has been to this Bowl 3 times in the last decade, but its been 5 years since their last Bowl game. FIU will be playing in their FIRST Bowl game.

Monday December 27

Independence Bowl 5:00pm
Air Force (8-4) vs. Georgia Tech (6-6)

Not gonna be a lot of passes thrown in this game. These are the top two rushing teams in the country. Both run options. GT’s head coach used to coach Navy so he is very familiar with the Falcons. GT may be without their starting QB. Air Force won the Commander in Chief Trophy, beating both Army and Navy this year. This game will be a nice lead in to Monday Night Football!

Tuesday December 28

Champs Sports Bowl 6:30pm
22 West Virginia (9-3) vs. N.C. State (8-4)

West Virginia almost got the BCS spot UConn got. And despite a 9-3 record and almost getting to a BCS game? The WVU coach was told he’d be done in 2012. Yes. He got fired, before the Bowl… but it won’t take affect until the 2012 season. Anyway… NC State also had an outside BCS chance. If they beat Maryland the final week they would have earned an ACC Championship spot. They lost. So here they are on the arm of Russell Wilson who led the ACC in Yards (3,288) and TDs (26).

Insight Bowl 10:00pm
14 Missouri (10-2) vs. Iowa (7-5)

I’m looking forward to this game. Don’t sleep on the fact that Iowa is unranked. They are talented and coming off a couple weeks to get healthy and prepare? They could give Missouri fits. Except their leading reciever was suspended for being arrested on drug charges. Their leading running back will also not play in the Bowl game for team infractions. So that 3rd straight win just got a lot harder. Missouri has been 6 straight Bowl games. I’m definitely looking forward to this game. Try to stay up!

Wednesday December 29

Military Bowl 2:30pm
East Carolina (6-6) vs. Maryland (8-4)

Another team with a lame duck coach. Maryland has said its letting its head coach go, and rumors abound that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will be his replacement. This game will be at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. So its basically a Maryland home game. East Carolina, alma mater of one VIncent Kennedy McMahon (WWE Chairman of the board, or owner, or whatever he is) – is in its 5th straight bowl. They throw the ball all over the field and Maryland’s secondary could be challenged.

Texas Bowl 6:00pm
Illinois (6-6) vs. Baylor (7-5)

This is, basically, a home game for Baylor. Illinois can run the ball very effectively. Plays “Big Ten” styled football. THey haven’t been to a bowl the last 2 seasons. But that drought is NOTHING. Baylor hasn’t been to a Bowl since 1995. Both teams can score, and defense isn’t either’s strong suit. If you like “track meets”? You may want to check this game out.

Alamo Bowl 9:15pm
16 Oklahoma State (10-2) vs. Arizona (7-5)

Sadly this is a pairing where you see flaws in the bowl system. A 10-2 team playing a 7-5 team, just because this bowl gets “whatever place” Big 12 team and “whatever place” Pac-10 team. OSU scores. They put up 41 against Oklahoma and just missed going to the Big 12 Championship game and getting a BCS bid. Arizona started 7-1 and was ranked 13th in the nation, but finished with 4 straight losses. Hopefully early season Arizona shows up and my pessimism about this game’s potential is wrong! — despite my negative vibes, this will be the game I’m most looking forward to.

Thursday December 30

Armed Forces Bowl 12:00pm
Army (6-6) vs. Southern Methodist University (7-6)

Lets pose this question. How can Army LOSE this Bowl? Look at the name?!?! Bet the house on Army!!! — oooh, the game is being held AT SMU’s home stadium? So, uh… cancel those bets. Army runs the triple option, and will be in their first bowl in 14 years, and hasn’t won one in 25. SMU is also in the midst of a resurgence. SMU broke a 25 year bowl drought LAST year. Lots of running in this game as SMU is a rush heavy attack.

Pinstripe Bowl 3:30
Kansas State (7-5) vs. Syracuse (7-5)

This is awesome. As the name of the bowl suggests, its taking place at Yankee Stadium. Earlier this year Notre Dame beat Army in Yankee Stadium. I like Bowl games taking place in the Northeast, and taking place in cold weather climates. Syracuse hasn’t been in a bowl since 2004. Is playing in its home state, and will have a strong Orange contingent at Yankee Stadium. Kansas State has been bowl-less since 2006. KSU is a rushing attack, but was dead last in the Big 12 in rushing yards allowed. — Game I’m most interested in seeing, if just for seeing a Bowl Game in Yankee Stadium.

Music City Bowl 6:40pm
North Carolina (7-5) vs. Tennessee (6-6)

Home game for Tennessee… or at least they should have a strong group show up in Nashville. Tennessee dropped UNC from their schedule (to make their schedule easier, and can you blame them? They play in the SEC), and had to pay Carolina 750,000 in buy out money. Fans were not pleased. So when Tennessee got into the Music City Bowl they actually said their first choice to play would be North Carolina. A small mea culpa and an interesting matchup. The Vols started 2-6 and ran off 4 straight wins to be bowl eligible. UNC had a brutal season having 4 players declared ineligible by the NCAA. 14 players missed at least 1 game, and 7 sat out the whole season. — Interested in this game, not as much as the Pinstripe Bowl.

Holiday Bowl 10:00pm

17 Nebraska (10-3) vs. Washington (6-6)

Remember a few games up I griped about the NCAA’s Bowl pairings. THIS is horrendous. FIrst look at their records. Then take into account that Nebraska lost the Big 12 championship and automatic BCS bid 23-20 to Oklahoma. Oh, and this is the second time they’ve met this season. The first time? Nebraska won 56-21 AT Washington. Not a good pairing. I don’t expect anything that different than the first game… except maybe Jake Locker will show up and play a half decent game.

Okay, that brings us to New Years Eve. I’m gonna stop there because there are a lot of games on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Which will probably get its own installation in this series!

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the GAMES!!!