There are very few sports-talk radio markets in the United States than the Washington D.C. area, and over the past decade Chad Dukes is arguably the most successful and influential hosts from this area. His talent for both entertaining and informing listeners has earned him a huge “horde” following of loyal fans who love to support whatever ventures in which he takes part. And with good reason, because they know they’ll be entertained.

This week, CBS Radio aired the first of many weekly episodes of The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, and it was everything as I knew it would be. More importantly, it’s everything that most other wrestling podcasts aren’t. It’s professional. It’s well produced. It features significant guests (have I mentioned that Chad Dukes is buddies with Stone Cold Steve Austin?). And best of all, it’s going to be a regular fixture, not a “once in a while” type of show which dies off like other shows whose hosts get bored. Chad Dukes has a passion for the wrestling business, he has the backing of CBS Radio (likely the owner of half the radio stations in your local radio market), he works in the radio business as his 9-5 / Monday – Friday job and has friends who work in radio and are equally as passionate about wrestling as he is, and he has a history of producing his own podcasts in his spare time when the radio station has chosen to give up on a show concept due to a flip in station formats.

If you like wrestling and enjoy podcasts, you should listen to this show. Each week we’re going to write up a quick article to let you know about the most recent episode, provide a link as to where you can find it, and then let you move on your way to enjoy it.

What’s on this episode?

  • An introduction to let you know what Chad Dukes and his co-host / producer Drab T-Shirt are all about
  • An interview with Diamond Dallas Page where they talk about the current state of the business, including the work including CM Punk, Triple H and DDP’s long-time friend Kevin Nash
  • An interview with arguably the best women’s wrestler in the world today Beth Phoenix, who is rumored to be romantically linked with CM Punk, in addition to her current angle as the top contender to the Diva’s championship
  • An interview with Chris Masters, who was recently released from WWE

You can listen to the hour-long show on the show’s official website.