Despite the numerous brands which hit the market each year and fight for snack food market-share, some with excellent flavor options and others which fall short, there are three brands which find themselves near the top of the heap. Lays is one of those brands, and so anytime I find a flavor of chip made by another brand, it’s imperative to compare them to what Lays has to offer. Such was my thought process when I picked up a blue bag of the Lays Salt & Vinegar chips.

As Salt & Vinegar chips go, these are some of the best I’ve had. While they don’t top the category, they were able to avoid some of the trappings of other options I’ve had.

While the vinegar is perhaps a bit too strong, it’s not nearly as over-bearing as the brands which will remain nameless (but which you could easily determine by clicking the “Salt and Vinegar” link atop this article and reading some of my other reviews… or waiting until the Chip Portal is available and finding the rankings in there).

At first, it seems like these chips could use a bit more salt, but once the vinegar taste begins to subside, the salt becomes apparent – not just on the palate, but also around the mouth as well.

If you know what to expect from a Lays chip – general texture and moderate greasiness – then you know what to expect with this flavor option, which are just as crisp and napkin-requiring as the original flavor from the brand (probably moreso than their elite BBQ chips).

If you are a fan of Salt & Vinegar chips or if you like the taste of vinegar, you’re not likely to be let down by these chips. If you want to see what the flavor is all about, small bags can be found, and this is a good brand to try.

From a health perspective, the package lists the calories/from-fat ratio for these chips as 290 / 170, or nearing 60%.