With other companies taking big strides into the non-traditional flavors of potato chips, Lays took a step in the right direction with their Pepper Relish chips, though the name might give people the wrong impression.

When I first saw the package and looked at the name, I was expecting something considerably different than what I found when I tried them.  This is not a spicy chip, which some people (wrongly) associate with peppers (red peppers are sweet and green bell peppers don’t have any spice to them) and if there’s any onion flavor (as might be expected by looking at the packaging) it’s very understated.

The main things you’ll get out of this chip is a sweet and sour taste mix, which comes from the vinegar and brown sugar they put into the mix.

Although some people probably won’t like the vinegar taste, it’s definitely a chip option to try, and Lays should be happy to note that GuysNation (currently) considers it a better flavor option than the overly-mustardy Carolina BBQ chips by Utz, which would be a viable competition for that particular vinegary flavor.