In the light of the #MeToo movement. The justice League failure that may result in a universe reboot. Marvel, after losing one of their own to DC, decided to drop a trailer for the highly anticipated Infinity War. At first they dropped a teaser trailer composed of some of the video reactions that have come from their movies over the years. This made for an amazing set up. A good pass for what was released this morning.

This morning they released their full official Infinity War trailer. And they did something that they didn’t do with their last trailer. They kept it very simple. They wait for this movie is immense and to be honest, you didn’t need to do much. It’s like being very hungry and sitting down to eat. You won’t need much, you just need anything. And that is what this trailer did. It didn’t overdue anything or give you anything amazing. But it gave you enough to to make you realize that the wait will be well worth it. with Black Panther coming, this trailer only needed to be a brief reminder of way the internet is going to be set ablaze and why the Youtube reaction community will be killing their bandwidth with reactions and other videos.

This may not be the trailer you wanted…but it was the trailer you need (Thanks for the line, Trey Tuck!!). this did the job that it needed to do without doing anything extra. Which is a breathe of fresh air. Not to over do it, but to give you enough that you have to rewatch the trailer a number of times. Which in turn increases your desire to see the movie. You throw in the epic mix of the Avenger’s theme and you have yourself the main reason why Marvel is who they are.

I tip my hat to you. You got the job done…


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