One of the perks of working with GuysNation is getting to know about some of the world’s most beautiful women who I might not otherwise stumble upon. But thank God for this opportunity, because Laura Devon is one of those women who I’m glad I haven’t missed out on, and now neither will you!

Our good friends over at Repo’s Delight got the chance to interview Laura Devon, Peruvian Goddess.

In the discussion, plenty of interesting tidbits popped up which you might want to know ahead of time if, by chance, you spot her at a bar or the gym… you know, the typical places at which she says guys try to pick her up.

  • Make her laugh, but don’t sound like you’re going from a pre-rehearsed script. She’ll know!
  • Hygene is imperative, so don’t try to approach her with yellow teeth or body odor. Not going to work!
  • She’s a self-described modernized hippy who says she loves people, but won’t let on whether or not she has ever cheated on a boyfriend!
  • First date? Don’t go for a movie, because Laura likes places where she can get to know you.

You should absolutely check out the full interview, which has a bunch of pictures to go along with it, most of which are just as hot as the one above… and this one below:


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