In a recent trip to a grocery store which carries a variety of organic food, I stumbled across the Late July organic brand chips, and their Mild Green Mojo multigrain snack chips caught my attention.

The size, shape and general thickness of these chips remind me of Doritos, but they’re a much higher quality snack for several reasons.

Right on the front of the label, it lists these chips as being flavored with “green chiles and cheese & a hint of lime”, and I can totally see that. The green chiles are a bit more muted than I was expecting, but in a good way because they’re not over-powering. The cheese is also delightfully muted; other cheese-flavored snacks I’ve had fail to realize that the cheese shouldn’t be over-powering. The hint of lime is just as advertised, as it basically only shows up a bit in the aftertaste.

The multiple grains included in these chips are well utilized. They add to the taste and they’re evenly mixed so as not to create dense teeth-clogging clusters.

I almost didn’t buy this bag of chips, but I’m very glad I did and I’m already thinking about going back to the store and picking up the two other varieties of Late July Organic multigrain snack chips which occupied nearby shelf-space.