Christmas 2010 has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the gift-giving season is over.  Forget someone on your list?  Need a little something extra to add to what you already got someone?  Want to give yourself a gift?  Got some cash after returning un-wanteds?  We’ve got some ideas.

The Down-Right Cool

Currently (12/25/2010) only $7. Click image for details

Illustrated Mad Men

Don Draper and his associates at Sterling Cooper made the advertising industry in the early 1960’s seem like the place to be.  What’s cooler than Mad Men?  Unless your response is “What’s Mad Men?”, your answer was “Not too many things.”

What makes Mad Men hip is its sense of style, and the illustrated version seems to recreate that style in a slightly different way.  It’s a must have for Mad Men fans, and just by having this item on your coffee table (or home bar or bookshelf), you’re instantly that much more hip.  Currently (Christmas night 2010) the book is on crazy half-off sale if you click the link above or the picture itself.

For Aspiring Athletes

Darkfin Gloves

Know someone who likes to swim but wants to be faster?  These gloves are straight out of James Bond or some kind of ninja movie.  It’s like fins, for your hands.

NFL Training Camp Simulator for Wii

Know someone who thinks they’re good enough to be in the NFL, or would like to see how they stack up?  Wii Active has the NFL Training Camp simulator.

Table Tennis Trainer

I’ve been told that table tennis competitors who go to tournaments are no joke.  If you know someone who wants to try that, here’s the perfect opportunity for them to get better without involving others.

The Non-Aspiring Non-Athletes

The 4-Hour Body

Want to get fit in a lot of different ways (including sexually) without putting in a lot of time?  This might be the book for you… and by “you”, I mean 99% of everyone.


Music-Enabled Knit Cap

Swiss Tech Tool

Delorean Hard Drive

Enjoy the Back To The Future trilogy (or even two of the three films)?  Want a cool external hard drive for your computer?  Look no further.

Music Fans

Jay-Z Decoded

Know someone who’s a fan of rap or hip hop?  I’ll show you someone who’s a fan of Jay-Z.  He’s got some of the best lyrics in the business, and I can’t think of anything cooler than a book which helps you delve into his mind.

iPod Wrist-Watch

Enjoy listening to your iPod but want a better option for carrying your music around?  What if it were the size of a wrist-watch?


Soul Pancake

Rainn Wilson is genius in his portrayal of Dwight K Schrute on NBC’s “The Office”, and it’s quite possible that when it comes to philosophy and comedy, he might ACTUALLY be a genius.  If you follow him on Twitter or in his other online pursuits, you’ve already heard about Soul Pancake.  Otherwise, you might want to take a look.  Unless you don’t like The Office.


If you’re in the absurd practice of giving gifts which include automobiles, I’d very much like to be your friend.  Here are some awesome ones:

Rally Fighter ATV

It looks like the Batmobile but is functions like an ATF.  Exactly.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman Edition

Ever thought you could live outside?  Toyota has a version of their Tundra which makes it something of a possibility.

Adult Themed Gifts


Most folks I know, men and women, can appreciate a nice set of breasts.  In a book I recently came across, not only do you get to enjoy some nice pairs, but there’s a novelty factor involved which really helps them come to live.

Playboy’s Complete Digital Archive

Ever wanted to have access to every page of every issue Playboy has ever published?  I can personally attest to the fact that some of the issues from the 1960s were hotter than some from the 1990s.  Now it’s possible to see everything right from the comfort of your computer.