Maxim.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes I find their articles over-rated.  When I’m looking for some hot images of women wearing clothes, they’ve almost always got something on their site worth looking at.   When people said they enjoyed Playboy for the articles, they were talking about some great interviews and previews.  They weren’t talking about articles like Maxim recently presented with some hot images of women in film wearing Santa-related outfits, but I won’t complain too much.

I’ve included the link (there we have it a second time) because I’m not going to put all of the images here on GuysNation (because it was Maxim’s article, after all), but I will give some of my analysis on it.  And by analysis, I mean I’m going to tell you which ones I think are hot, and which ones I don’t.

Lindsay Lohan & RACHEL McAdams from Mean Girls

I’m sure many of you haven’t seen the film Mean Girls, as it’s not even close to being a “Guy” film, but if you happen to see it, there’s at least one scene you’ll enjoy, and it’s pictured above.  Regardless of your persona feelings towards Lindsay Lohan, there was a time when she was hot, and this movie captures it.  For my money, Rachel McAdams is far hotter, in general and especially in this scene (and the movie as a whole).

Jamie Gertz

Never heard of Jamie Gertz?  You clearly missed out on the comedy from years ago “Still Standing”.  That means you missed out on great comedy AND an attractive woman.  In a movie I’ve never seen called Undercover Christmas, she’s looking hot, and that’s all I need to know.

Zooey Deschanel

At least three of my friends consider Zooey Deschanel to be one of the top 3 hottest women in the world, and for that reason alone, Elf is their favorite Christmas movie.

Christine Baranski

There are a few women on this list whom I don’t find hot at all, and Christine Baranski is one of them.  Whether I’m in the majority opinion or not, I’m sure some people disagree with that opinion.

Lauren Graham

If you’ve seen Bad Santa, you know that Lauren Graham’s hotness comes partially from her physical attributes, but partially because of the scene where she repeatedly yelled “F*ck Me Santa!”  I haven’t seen her the same way since… and that’s a good thing.

Like I mentioned, I won’t post the whole list here, nor all the images, but there are a few more from the list I enjoyed (Jessica Simpson included) and some more which I didn’t (Brooke Shields among others).  Give it a look and enjoy.