As of last week, it looked like 9 guys were going to be in the Money In The Bank ladder match, and reviewed the odds of each of them winning the big match.  Now I’m pleased to note that Kofi Kingston has been added to the match.

Easily one of the most exciting competitors on the WWE roster, a month ago I figured Kofi was a lock to be in the Money In The Bank ladder match given his skills.  Just like Shelton Benjamin each year, it was a no-brainer.  Especially since his feud with Randy Orton is over and he doesn’t have too much animosity towards any other potential opponents right now.

Now that he joins the fray as the 10th man in the yearly Wrestlemania ladder match, Kofi Kingston becomes the favorite to win it.  His unique offense and impressive athleticism make him a great entrant into a ladder match like this.  We’ve seen a number of times how Kofi can do a standing jump from the mat up onto the top rope, now it’s time to see if his balance and coordination will translate when a ladder is involved – though I’m near certain it will.  It’s not only his in-ring skills which make him a great addition to this match, though.

The fans reacted very well to a strong Kofi Kingston push earlier this year as he battled former World Champion Randy Orton, and it’s easy to see the possibilities of having Kofi target either Chris Jericho’s World Title or the one held by Dave Batista.  Either of those two feuds could be very good.  That’s not to say that those two individuals would have to retain their championships at Wrestlemania, it just means that at some point in the next 11 months they would have to regain it.

I could also very easily see a main event match occur between Kofi and C.M. Punk, were the Straight Edge Superstar to ever regain World Championship gold.  I don’t see a feud between Kofi and Sheamus being a winner, since neither of them have too much clout.

Unless the WWE has injury concerns about Kofi Kingston, you could put money on him to come through with the briefcase at Wrestlemania 26.